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5 Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away ...

By Aprille

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to spend some quality time outside in the yard and being bombarded by mosquitoes. Numerous ways exist for repelling mosquitoes and I’ve listed 5 of them below. See if any of these 5 ways to keep mosquitoes away will work for you. If you’ve already found something that works well, then please feel free to share it.

5 Invite Mosquito-eating Wildlife

Bats and Purple Martins are just two examples of wildlife that enjoy making a meal off of mosquitoes. Bat houses are easy to build. Plans for these are available online; complete with instructions on where to hang these houses so bats will most likely make a home in them. Purple Martin houses are very large and consist of multiple holes for many birds to live together in the same house. Both bats and Purple Martins are great for keeping the mosquitoes away from you.

4 Spray Regularly with Insecticide

Insecticides can be sprayed at regular intervals to keep mosquitoes from swarming around the area you are trying to enjoy. You can physically spray this repellent on your own or invest in a machine to do it for you. It’s a lot cheaper to use the insecticide you have to personally spray, but both work very well.


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3 Position Citronella Tiki Torches or Candles in High-traffic Areas

Not everyone can stand the smell of citronella, so this might not work for people who are sensitive to this bug-repelling scent. However, if you can stand the smell, then you might enjoy the ambiance created by the flickering flames as you entertain guests outside without the presence off mosquitoes.

2 Plant Mosquito Shoo Geraniums around the Yard

I bet you didn’t know this biogenetically engineered plant even existed. It grows to be around 2 feet tall and will repel mosquitoes up to 10 feet in all directions. You’ll have to bring these plants in during the winter time, so place them in containers to make them easier to move in the fall.

1 Get Rid of Any Standing Water

Dump out any standing water you see; old tires, empty containers left outside, trashcan lids, etc. If you have a rain barrel then you can purchase special additives that will kill any mosquito larva in the water without contaminating the entire barrel. This means you’ll kill the bugs, but you’ll still be able to use the water on your plants.

Mosquitoes are one of the biggest pests I come across during summer cookouts. Have you already found a sure-fire way to keep mosquitoes from surrounding you while you enjoy the outdoors?

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