The Meaning behind Valentines Day Flowers ...

By Deeceebee

The Meaning  behind Valentines Day  Flowers  ...

Have you received a gorgeous bouquet of flowers for this special day? You probably know that there is a language of flowers, so you’re probably interested in the meaning behind Valentine’s Day flowers. They are a classic symbol of love and a traditional and welcome Valentine’s gift. Not only do flowers all look pretty, they also carry different and special meanings which can help you understand the message you’re receiving. Of course, your man may have chosen them because they were simply pretty, or he knows they are your favorite, so don’t get upset if the meaning behind Valentine’s Day flowers you received isn’t exactly what you would have wanted.


This is one of my personal favorites. Otherwise known as Peruvian lilies, they have long-lasting, attention-grabbing petals that represent friendship and devotion.

2 Roses

It doesn’t get any more classic than red roses on Valentine’s Day. The iconic red rose symbolizes all of the things you would expect, love, romance, beauty and perfection. It’s a traditional choice, but one that will never go out of style!

3 Peonies

Peonies are tied to three distinct things: bashfulness, prosperity and romance, which makes them a cute choice for Valentine’s Day. In certain circles that are also a sign of good luck, so that definitely increases you chances of date night success!

4 Carnations

Carnations are another old favorite, and they have come to stand for new love and fascination. They can be a good option for somebody who is experiencing their first Valentine’s Day with a new partner.

5 Ranunculus

These beautiful, colorful, swirly flowers symbolize charm, radiance and attraction. If you receive these your boo wants you to know how radiant and charming they think you are.

6 Gerbera

This particular type of daisy is known to symbolize innocence, purity and beauty, making them a really refreshing and apt choice for a teenage romance or perhaps a first girlfriend. They aren’t as old fashioned as roses and evoke a really youthful and vibrant quality.

7 Gardenias

One of the most fragrance-loaded flowers, they are elegant and beautiful. If you have received gardenias know that what your man feels for you is deep, old-fashioned romantic love.

8 Casa Blanca Lilies

These wonderful oriental lilies stand for everything classy, stylish and beautiful. They are expensive and dramatic and out of the ordinary, making them the perfect gift for any partner who wants to feel more cherished and spoilt than anybody else!

9 Tulips

Tulips are among the most identifiable flowers in the world, and in their native Holland they have come to be known as a symbol for ‘perfect love’. They evoke comfort and romance and safety, a really loving choice for Valentine’s.

10 Orchids

Orchids are great because that are less disposable than some of the other flowers your man could have chosen. They exude an air of sensual seduction and exoticism, sending a much wilder and more sexy message than, for example, the lilies or the roses.

11 Sunflowers

Sunflowers make a really bright and bold statement, and they have come to represent happiness and warmth. They also stand for loyalty, which is a really important quality to remember when lavishing your loved with gifts of Valentine’s Day.

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