5 Reasons to like Having a Flower Garden ...

Prepare yourself for 5 reasons to like having a flower garden! I love flowers, which is why I write these blogs and I love writing about them. So, get ready, get set, Go!

5. The Bee’s

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Some people are allergic to bee’s and I am definitely glad I am not one of those people. Why? Because you see, I like bee’s. When I see one, I do not run around out of fear. I believe bee’s are fun to watch as they go from flower to flower pollinating. I like my flower garden because of the bee’s.

4. The Smell

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Do you know another reason I like to have a flower garden? Because of the smell that it puts out. Whenever you walk past a rose garden, what do you smell? You smell fresh roses. I love the smell of flowers!

3. The Beauty

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Of course, where there is a flower, there is going to be beauty. The flower shows us just how beautiful Mother Nature can be.

2. You Can Pick Them

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When I grow flowers, I like to pick them and put them in a vase in my home. Of course, I always have a problem with which flower to pick. I cannot figure t out! I want to pick one, but I do not want to pick one that is too perfect.

1. Fun to do

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I believe that one of the main reasons to have a flower gardens is because of the fun that they offer. Doing a flower garden can be a lot of fun for not just one individual, but for the entire family.

Those, my friends, are 5 reasons to like having a flower garden. I can think of many other reasons why someone would want a flower garden. What about you, why do you like them?

Top Photo Credit: David Gn Photography

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