5 Things to Attract Birds to the Garden ...


5 Things to Attract Birds to the Garden ...
5 Things to Attract Birds to the Garden ...

Birds are an excellent source of entertainment and they are fantastic at bug control too. I’m all for drawing more birds to my yard. Here are 5 things to attract birds to the garden that seem to work every time. Most birds are very curious, so you should at least get a few visitors when you try something new and hopefully they will tell their friends as well.

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Suet blocks are a great treat for birds. You can save your old grease and toss in some bird seed if you don’t want to buy a pre-made suet block. Stale cereal can also be a treat for birds. They are always up for trying something new.


Houses Especially for Them

Building and hanging bird houses up around the garden is one way to entice different types of birds to live in your area. If they are close by, then they will be able to be more effective in helping to control the bug population. There are kits to make bird houses from if you don’t feel your craftsmen skills are good enough for the birds.


Bird Bath

Even though you don’t see them drinking very often, birds do still need water to quench their thirst. They also like to bath in shallow dishes of water when the weather is warm. Bird baths can be placed in the middle of the garden or off to the side. It might be best to make sure it is far enough away from the feeders that bird seed doesn’t end up in it.


Bird Feeders

Birds don’t seem to be very picky when it comes to a free meal, so you’ll probably be surprised at how many actually show up, no matter what type of food you put in the feeder. Basic feeders hold a generic mix of bird seed, while a specialty feeder is made for a certain type of feed. For example, finch feeders have small slits that only the thistle seed can fit through. Larger seeds will clog the holes or not come out at all. Or you can opt for The World's First AI Powered Smart Bird Feeder by Bird Buddy. Whenever a bird stops by, a notification will be sent to your phone, so you'll never miss bird sighting again.  This smart bird feeder will help you recognize the species and its built-in technology will help you take unique photos and videos of your feathered garden visitors.



These giant flowers are liable to attract tons of birds. The brightly colored petals are enjoyable for you to look at, while the seeds are what the birds will be interested in. When the petals begin to fall off, cut the head off of the sunflower and lay it out on a platform for the birds to peck at.

I’m sure you have even more ways to attract birds to your garden spot. What are some that have proved very successful for you? What types of birds seem to come into your garden the most? Feel free to share any tips you have so that other gardeners can get started bringing in the birds too.

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