5 Reasons I Love My Garden ...

By Aprille

5 Reasons I Love My Garden ...

I am grateful I live in an area where I'm able to have a garden outside. Not just one garden though, but many varieties. I have flower gardens, a vegetable patch, some herbs, and a voluntary wild flower garden out behind the barn. It's hard to imagine not having one at all! Here are 5 reasons I love my garden in each location of my yard.

5 It Produces a Bountiful Crop Each Year

The vegetable patch always supplies my family with plenty fresh veggies to eat and sometimes there are enough to last through the fall as well. The flower gardens are always filled with brightly colored flowers which make excellent bouquets all around the house.

4 Critters Are Attracted to My Garden

I'm sure most people don't enjoy seeing animals that are thought to be pests, but I like seeing all animals that end up in my garden. They are very entertaining, to say the least. Some beneficial insects arrive to take care of harmful ones. Even some of the furry friends who wander through the garden help to keep grubs and destructive rodents from gnawing on my plants.

3 I Can Relax in It Whenever I Want

Thankfully I don't have to stick to specific hours of the day when I want to go to any of the gardens. I can watch the sunrise or sunset from the garden, I can take a moment to myself for some peace and quiet after a long day, or I can wander outside in the middle of the night and watch the fireflies from the comfort of the garden.

2 It Keeps Me Fit

Pulling weeds can be hard work, especially if I don't keep up with them like I should. Hoeing, raking, and tilling are all great exercises, as long as I do them fairly quickly. Carrying tools and buckets of water to the garden helps to keep my arms and legs strong. There is plenty to do that keeps me feeling fit.

1 I Can Invite Whomever I Want to My Garden

I like having company. Getting to show off some of my beautiful flowers or prize tomato plants to a neighbor is always exciting. I also like to share some of my flowers and veggies with them as well. The more people I can get excited about gardening, the happier I am.

I hope you have plenty of reasons to love your garden. I don't think I could live without mine. I'm just glad I live in the country and am able to have as many gardens as I want. Of course, the more gardens I have, the busier I am, but that's fine with me! What are some of your reasons for loving your garden? Have you always had a garden?

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