5 Amazing Ideas for a Backyard Garden ...


5 Amazing Ideas for a Backyard Garden ...
5 Amazing Ideas for a Backyard Garden ...

I’m all about creating a special space that is inviting to anyone who comes across it, whether they are human or animal. I enjoy sharing my garden space with the local wildlife, as long as they don’t end up eating half of my landscape. Here are 5 amazing ideas for a backyard garden you can use.

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Let the Kids Have Some Fun

Kids can come up with some fantastic ideas. My kids always surprise me with their creativity. Let your children paint some rocks or make sculptures to place around the garden. Allow them to help pick out plants and design the layout of the area. You can even get their friends in on the action, who knows what you’ll end up with. It could be very exciting!


Landscape with Odd Objects

I’ve seen old iron headboards used in flower beds, rusted pickup trucks used for the flower beds themselves, and plants placed in cowboy boots, teapots, and many other oddities. Be creative and see what you can find lying around the yard to use.


Create a Butterfly Garden

I’ve always found butterflies to be very entertaining, even though they don’t cause a big ruckus like birds and fight one another for a place at the feeder; they are still fun to watch. Plant flowers that draw different varieties of butterflies and supply a shallow water source, you’ll be surprised at how many visitors you can attract.


Make It a Bird Watching Center

Place a few benches or homemade settees around the edges of an assortment of bird feeders. You could plant sunflower seeds behind the sitting areas for color and as an additional way to attract birds.


Encompass a Fish Pond

I’ve always found a pond with fish and waterfalls to be very relaxing. The sound is soothing and I like seeing the colorful fish swim around. All types of plants go with a waterfall setting, in my opinion. I personally would surround a pond with tons of brightly colored perennials that would continue to spread all on their own.

If you don’t find any of these ideas to be exactly what you are looking for, then hopefully these 5 at least inspired you to think up some creative ideas of your own. What makes your garden space special to you?

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