5 Tips on Caring for Shrubs ...

By Aprille

5 Tips on Caring for Shrubs ...

I’ve always found shrubs fairly easy to care for. General maintenance of them is much easier than a tree, in my opinion, plus they don’t tend to take up a lot of room. I have a few that line the driveway and the 5 tips on caring for shrubs I’ve listed below are all I use to keep mine looking great.

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5 Choose the Proper Location

Make sure you know if your shrub is a sun-loving variety or needs lots of shade. This will usually help you determine where to place it in your yard. Smaller shrubs can be placed in containers for a bit of décor that can be moved about. The size of your shrub will also be a factor in deciding where to plant it.

4 Spring

This is the time to clear off any leaves that have accumulated at the bottom of the shrub and to trim any unruly branches. Evergreen shrubs need to be shaped up before they start showing signs of new growth, so do this early in the spring.

3 Summer

Be sure to water your shrubs often during hot, dry weather. Fertilize with a granular mix made especially for shrubs. Some forms of fertilizer are created for flowering varieties, so make sure to check the label on the granular you choose. Mulching around each shrub will also keep the water from evaporating as quickly during hot weather.

2 Autumn

Cut back on watering and fertilizing during the fall. Watering can be limited to an inch a week and fertilizing can continue until the leaves drop off. If you have an evergreen shrub, then stop fertilizing when the weather begins to get noticeably cooler.

1 Winter

Shrubs can become damaged by heavy snow and ice. Many people find that wrapping shrubs in burlap bags will keep the branches from being weighed down with excess ice or separated by heavy snow fall. This is true for both evergreen and deciduous shrubs.

I hope these tips are useful to you and your shrubs continue to thrive. I think the hardest part about caring for shrubs is to remember not to prune too much off in the spring. I have nearly killed a couple of my shrubs due to this! Are there any specific care tips for shrubs that you have for other gardeners to use?

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