5 Tips on Making a Patio ...


5 Tips on Making a Patio ...
5 Tips on Making a Patio ...

People usually have a purpose for creating a patio area. These can be special places to hang out for the family or used as a place for solo relaxation. 5 tips on making a patio as green as possible are listed below. These might give you some useful ideas on what to do with your patio in the city.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Decorate

Adding in a yard gnome can bring a bit of character to the whole patio scene. Gazing balls can also be a nice touch to any city patio. Some patios might get feathered visitors. If your patio is frequented by sparrows or other common city-birds, then try adding a little feeder of some sort to entice the birds to spend a bit more time visiting.


Pipe in the Sounds

Hide a small radio among the plants and play a CD of some bird sounds. This is an excellent way to feel like you are actually in the woods. Who knows, you might end up attracting some real birds.


Cover Fences or Railings

Planting some creeping plants that wind about anything that gets in their path is a fantastic way to make living walls around a patio. Vines will crawl on just about anything it can wrap its tendrils around. Provide a fence especially made for vines or attach some chicken wire to an existing structure.


Have a Personal Babbling Brook

Those electric waterfalls are a great addition to a patio area. The sound alone can transport someone to a different time and place. They can be as natural or as outlandish as you want. They are available for low prices and at many big-name department stores.


Stand Large Plants Next to Chairs and Benches

Surrounding your lawn furniture with tall flowers in pots and miniature trees is possible on all patios. Even city dwellers know how important it is to create a patio space with lots of plants. This addition seems to be the best way to bring the forest to the city.

Turing your patio into a haven of green can make even the smallest area seem very remote. Even tiny patio areas have fantastic potential to be truly unique spaces. Do you have a large or small patio area? What tips could you offer to other people for enhancing their own patios?

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