5 Tips on Growing Daylilies ...

By Aprille

5 Tips on Growing Daylilies ...

The orange and yellow varieties of daylilies I have in my gardens seem to be a constant source of blooms all summer long. These things grow like crazy in any sunny location I place them. Here are 5 tips on growing daylilies for you to use the next time you get ready to plant some of these glorious lilies.

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5 Room to Grow

If you get lilies that don’t have their full set of leaves in place, it will be hard to see just how big these plants get. They should be spaced around 30 inches apart, for the large varieties of daylilies. Smaller types can be placed only 12 inches apart. These plants will spread, so be prepared!

4 Soil

The soil should be able to dry out a bit after a rain or extensive watering. Daylilies don’t like to remain setting in water for a long period of time. The soil can consist of well-rotted manure and other organic compost. The roots are the only portion of the plant that should be under the soil and the ground needs to be patted down firmly over the roots when planting.

3 Sunshine

These plants can grow in full sun or partial shade, but they do best in full sun. If planted in a shaded location, the lilies need at least 6 full hours of sunshine each day.

2 Fertilizer

Granulated fertilizer can be applied to the soil surrounding the lilies, but try to keep it away from the leaves. Use a 13-13-13 fertilizer or one with high phosphorous. Wait until the plants have had time to adjust to their new location before you fertilize them.

1 Water

When the daylilies have first been planted, they should be watered at least 2 or 3 times each week. Once they have a great root system in place, the watering can be cut down to once a week. Lilies placed in sandy soil will need more water than those in clay soil.

I love how these plants spread all on their own. They spread fast enough that there are plenty of plants to share with friends and family members by the end of the summer. I also like the fact that daylilies are perennials, so I don’t have to mess with replanting each spring. Do you find daylilies easy to grow? How did you find out about daylilies?

Top Photo Credit: Michiel Thomas

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