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I know I like it when people slow down to look at my lawn, but because it looks nice, not because it has become brown and brittle. The 5 tips on caring for your lawn that I have listed below cover a few basics that work for almost any type of lawn. See what you think and feel free to pass them on!

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Monitor Weeds

There’s no quicker way to have your beautiful grass destroyed than by allowing a few unruly weeds to begin taking over. I remember my grandmother digging up dandelions by hand and never understood why she did, until I had my own lawn to care for. Grass blades are no match for the large-rooted weeds that grow in lawns.


Plant Seed in Spring or Fall

It’s very difficult to get grass seed to grow during the hottest part of the summer. The spring and fall are the best times to start grass seed. Follow the instructions on the package and you should have those thin patches of lawn filled out in no time at all.


Don’t Cut the Grass Too Short

Cutting the grass too close to the root system can quickly kill it. I know it’s a pain to mow the lawn at times, but cutting the grass extra short to try and lengthen the time in between cuttings doesn’t always work out so well.


Fertilize during the Spring

Give your lawn a little boost with some fertilizer at the beginning of spring. Wait until the grass has turned green again before applying the fertilizer. Also, don’t use fertilizer during a drought. Fertilizer that has been applied and doesn’t receive at least two good watering afterwards will eventually burn up your lawn.


Leave the Lawn Clippings for Added Nutrients

Most people pick up the grass clippings accumulated after mowing the lawn. These bits of grass actually add more nutrients to your lawn and should be left in place. The only time this might have a negative effect is if the clippings are extremely long and then they will suffocate the grass.

I’ve noticed a couple of my neighbors have decided to forgo grass in general and have covered their lawn with rocks and mulch. It still looks nice, but it has more of a park feel too it. I prefer the lush green grass in my lawn, especially when I walk barefoot through it. Do you think these lawn care tips will help you to keep your lawn looking beautiful? Is there anything about lawn care that you find to be frustrating?

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