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5 Tips on Maintaining Vines ...

By Aprille

I adore vining plants! Most of them have very interesting flowers and I love the way they seem to have a mind of their own. If I had more fences around my yard, it would probably be covered in some type of vining flower. Here are 5 tips on maintaining vines.

5 Keep Unruly Vines Trimmed

I know there are some types of vines that can truly take over an entire area in very little time. Keeping these vines trimmed back will often save you from having damage to the building the vine is near. Regular trimming will also keep the vine looking nice and neat.

4 Water Them Well

Even though most vines only have a single root system, they need plenty of water. You have to remember that the water the roots absorb has to make its way all the way to the tip of the vine. Providing plenty of water will ensure that even the leaves at the very tip of the vine get enough water.

3 Deadhead the Flowers for More Blooms

Many plants will continue to produce blooms as long as the spent ones are pulled off. Deadheading flowering vines should keep them blooming for a longer period of time, making them much more attractive as well.

2 Make Sure They Have Enough Support

Vines with heavy flowers, such as Wisteria, need a strong fence or a sturdy trellis that is able to support the vine once the flowers are in full bloom. Be sure you have the proper type of material for your vine to climb on.

1 Give Them Room

Some vines can crawl up the side of a building without any coaxing, while others will crowd each other out and die in no time at all. Make sure you know the spacing required to keep your vines healthy.

I find vining plants to be fairly easy to maintain. Most come with very clear instructions on the amount of lighting necessary for proper growth, as well as what type of region they are best suited for. Do you find these vine maintenance tips to be helpful?

Top Photo Credit: Klearchos Kapoutsis

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