5 Tips on Growing Any Vine ...


5 Tips on Growing Any Vine ...
5 Tips on Growing Any Vine ...

I love the way vines take on anything in their path. The blossoms on many vines are usually very intricate and have a strong scent. I enjoy seeing the delicate flowers of the honeysuckle vine, the frilly blooms of the passion flower, and the star-shaped blossoms of the cypress vine. Here are 5 tips on growing any vine, no matter which type of meandering plant you wish to raise.

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Plant Them Where They Have Room to Spread

Vines often have a mind of their own. You can plant them in one section of the fence and they end up crawling all over anything near the fence as well. Make sure you plant vines in a place where they won’t interfere with structures they will end up damaging.


Keep Them Well-groomed

Trimming vines in order to keep them a certain size will prevent them from becoming unruly masses of leaves and debris. Vines that are allowed to run wild tend to crawl all over themselves and smother parts of the vine until the leaves begin to die off. Pruning vines will keep them much healthier looking.


Train Them

While you can’t really train a vine to stay where you put it, you can provide it with a place to go. A trellis, fence, or other wiry type of support will allow your vine to climb the way nature intended it. Keep an eye out for new growth on your vine. Whenever a new tendril appears, place it on the support structure instead of letting it choose its own growth pattern. Vines can easily get out of control if they are left to go wherever they want.


Choose an Area Where Your Vine Can Grow without Overcrowding Other Plants

Planting vines near other plants or trees gives them the chance to meander off their fence or trellis and intertwine themselves with the other plants. This might look neat for a while, but most vines have the capability to choke out any plant they climb onto. It’s best to plant your vine in a section of the yard that isn’t a home for other plants as well.


Remember That Some Also Make an Excellent Ground Cover Too

There are some types of vines that don’t need to climb up; instead they are perfectly happy climbing across the ground. They will make their way up and over anything that gets in their path; old wheelbarrows, fence posts, downed trees, etc. Planting some vines near an area of the yard that has some antique yard equipment might make for an interesting display.

If you are a first time vine grower, then these tips will probably be very useful. Be sure you know if the vine you are planting is an invasive variety or not. Some invasive types of plants will take over a garden spot and they won’t allow anything else to grow there. What sort of vines are you thinking about growing?

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