5 Garden Tips for Summer ...


5 Garden Tips for Summer ...
5 Garden Tips for Summer ...

I start planning for my summer garden in the winter, spending many wintery days marking pages of gardening magazines for future reference. Here are 5 garden tips for summer that I’ve collected over the years. I hope you find some of them useful in your garden!

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Be Prepared for Pests

Insects aren’t the only garden pests around. I also fight with deer, rabbits, birds, and the pesky neighbor cat. I’ve found that organic insecticides take care of bugs, fences keep out deer and rabbits, pie tins on strings scare away the birds, and the dog has started helping with keeping the cat from using my freshly tilled garden for a litter box.


Plan Your Garden Area before Hand

It’s best to decide on where your garden plot will be before you buy seeds or plants. There is usually a lot of preparation that has to take place before plants can be set in the ground. If your garden didn’t do so well the previous year, then maybe it’s time to find a new spot. It doesn’t hurt to rotate plots from time to time.


Line up a Source of Manure Early

Around where I live there are plenty of farmers willing to get rid of old manure in their barns. However, there are also a lot of gardeners in this area more than happy to take it off the farmers’ hands. I usually contact the same farmer each year to make sure I’m able to get manure from him for my garden. This is the only way to avoid being without it when it comes time to fertilize the garden.


Check All Your Tools before the Season Starts

There’s always something that needs to either be fixed or found. I go out to the shed a week before planting season to see if all my tools are in order. Sometimes the mice have gotten to my gloves or the dog has attacked the garden hose. I like to make sure that I have everything I need to make my garden a successful one.


Mark a Calendar with the Best Times for Planting

I make sure to write down when each type of seed needs to be planted. Most flower seeds have a broad range, but many vegetable seeds have a certain amount of time necessary for production. This means I have to keep track of the days and make sure to give my little seedlings enough time to grow.

Even if you are a weekend gardener only, there are always ways to make gardening more enjoyable. I find that the easier gardening is the more fun I have. Do you look forward to creating your summer garden each year? What do you like best about gardening?

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