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5 Gardening Tips You Have to Have ...

By Aprille

Keeping my garden in tip-tip condition takes a lot of work. I’m always searching for new ways to maintain it better and easier. Here are 5 gardening tips you have to have. I’ve found each of these to be extremely useful and have passed them on to fellow gardeners in my family as well.

5 Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help!

Everyone has questions about gardening and none of them are silly ones. Asking local gardeners for help can provide you with the necessary information you need for a successful garden and possibly some extra interesting facts for later use.

4 Keep a Close Eye on Your Plants

One aphid usually means there are more nearby. Checking your plants closely every other day will enable you to catch these little plant killers before they take out your garden. Unfortunately, these aren’t the only garden pests that will plague your beloved space. Garden pests are plentiful, but preventable as well.

3 Form a Strategy before Buying Plants

You need to have a particular spot in mind for your garden before you can buy plants. The location will often determine the type of plants you get. Look into many types of plants and whether they are shade-loving or sun-worshipping. Buying a carload full of shade-loving plants for a sun-soaked location will only end in heartache.

2 Take at Least a Few Minutes to Visit Your Garden Daily

Even if you aren’t able to put in a lot of time in your garden, checking on it daily helps you to relax. If you wait until the weekend to check on the garden there might be weeds, dead plants, or something else to frustrate you. It’s much easier to do a little bit each day, than to save all the work for one full day.

1 Purchase Good Tools Right at the Start

I know for some people that gardening is a hobby and they don’t want to spend a lot of money on it. However, buying good quality gardening tools right from the start will actually save a lot of money later on.

I’m sure you have some gardening tips you’d love to share with others. Were any of the above tips new to you? Do you have any additional gardening tactics you’d like to add? I love acquiring new gardening tips!

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