5 Landscaping Ideas ...


5 Landscaping Ideas ...
5 Landscaping Ideas ...

There is so much character that can be added to a garden by a few simple landscaping techniques. You don’t have to spend a lot of dough on creating a fantastic garden space. Here are 5 landscaping ideas that are very inexpensive and can be used for many types of gardens.

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Free Trees Are out There

You don’t have to spend a lot of money on purchasing trees to enhance your yard. There are plenty of saplings in the woods, online plant trading sites are available for swapping seeds and plants of all sorts, and friends are also excellent resources when it comes to finding free trees and other plants.


Cheap Flowers Can Be Purchased at the End of the Season

Our local hardware store always has a wide range of plants for sale, but these don’t always get sold before the season is up. I’ve purchased many plants at the end of the season that looked like they were near death. I make sure to only buy perennials that are in this state, since they have the best chance of survival.


Pick up Rocks along the Road

I live in an area where the back roads get graded on a regular basis. The large road grading machines are always kicking up rocks and small boulders. I go along the back roads and take one of my boys with me to help with the heavy lifting. We’ve managed some fantastic rock borders with all the beautiful boulders we’ve collected from the back roads.


Choose Plants That Spread on Their Own

Lilies, Iris, Daffodils, and most plants that derive from bulbs are amazing reproducers. These plants are capable of taking over an area in no time at all and require very little maintenance. I like having plants that fend for themselves and are able to spread without my help. The color each plant produces really adds to the entire landscape.


Scope out Construction Sites

There is a lot of material that gets wasted at a construction site. It doesn’t hurt to stop by and see if any of the old bricks or stones that were dug up are going to be put to good use. I’ve gathered up a lot of broken stones this way. These pieces still make a great sidewalk or border when mixed with smaller pebbles or sand.

There’s no need to go broke when trying to make your yard look nice. Each of these landscaping ideas is simple and cheap. Take a look around at what you have to use before going out and spending money on landscaping materials. What deals have you been able to find for your landscaping needs?

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