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5 Gardening Ideas ...

By Aprille

Are you looking for a way to spruce up an existing garden? Sometimes it’s hard to come up with new ideas all on your own. Here are 5 gardening ideas for jazzing up your flower bed. Maybe some of them will trigger a chain reaction of others for you to use as well.

5 Disperse Colorful Annuals

There are many annuals that are truly amazing in their display of blooms and/or foliage. Planting brightly colored annuals among the perennials can provide flecks of color while you are waiting for the perennials to bloom.

4 Plant a Vine or Two

I’ve seen the old iron headboards at one end of a flower bed, but very few are covered in vines. Flowering vines will climb up absolutely anything. Even if you have an interesting object that they can’t climb on, but that would add a unique touch to your garden, then placing a strip of chicken wire on a portion of the object will help the vines to grab hold.

3 Lawn Ornaments Can Be Tasteful

I think garden gnomes are a cute idea, but only in small quantities. Adding one or two to a flower bed forms an interesting look. Hiding 10 to 15 among the flowers might look more like a gnome reunion and detract from your beautiful flowers.

2 Add a Waterfall or Fountain

There are small waterfalls that can be easily added to any size of garden. This addition can turn any garden area into a spot for relaxation. If the pond the water flows into is large enough, then the option to add some fish is available.

1 Try a Bit of Landscaping with Rocks

It’s amazing how much character a garden area can have by adding a few rocks around the edges. Lining the edges with large stones creates a nice natural barrier around your garden. You could also find some uniquely shaped rocks and disperse them among clumps of flowers.

I hope these ideas are useful and enable you to create something that makes you happier with your garden space. Where do you tend to look for new gardening ideas at? Do you think you can use any of the 5 ideas mentioned above? Feel free to share any additional ones!

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