Move over Man Cave . the She Shed is Here

By Jennifer

Move over Man Cave . the She Shed is Here

If your hubs gets a man-cave, then you get a she-shed, a little spot in the garden just for you. Here are a few ideas for your own little zen spot, your garden shed turned into your own little spot of heaven.

Table of contents:

  1. all windows
  2. so much color!
  3. the lady lodge
  4. bungalow-styled
  5. rustic
  6. a treehouse?
  7. the perfect little escape
  8. so shabby chic!
  9. i love the mini pergola
  10. skylight!
  11. so many windows!
  12. studio workspace
  13. i'd live here
  14. tiny space
  15. cottage white
  16. does this one have a loft?
  17. a potting shed
  18. just gorgeous!
  19. so much light!
  20. pretty in pink
  21. it has its own garden!
  22. love that entry-way!
  23. a grown-up girl playhouse!
  24. don't forget to stock it with snacks
  25. total zen
  26. i love the decor! those aprons though...
  27. perfection!
  28. do you crafting in there
  29. just a little alcove is all you need

1 All Windows

backyard,greenhouse,yard,outdoor structure,garden,

2 So Much Color!

floristry,play,outdoor structure,home,porch,

3 The Lady Lodge

backyard,yard,porch,outdoor structure,cottage,

4 Bungalow-Styled

property,log cabin,shed,backyard,home,

5 Rustic

outdoor structure,gazebo,shed,cottage,backyard,

6 A Treehouse?

house,log cabin,estate,backyard,home,

7 The Perfect Little Escape


8 So Shabby Chic!

flower,flower arranging,floristry,plant,aisle,

9 I Love the Mini Pergola

log cabin,building,shed,cottage,home,

10 Skylight!


11 So Many Windows!

property,porch,shed,outdoor structure,cottage,

12 Studio Workspace


13 I'd Live Here


14 Tiny Space


15 Cottage White

room,property,home,interior design,estate,

16 Does This One Have a Loft?

house,building,shed,outdoor structure,cottage,

17 A Potting Shed


18 Just Gorgeous!

flower,outdoor structure,cottage,garden,yard,

19 So Much Light!

porch,room,outdoor structure,lighting,dining room,

20 Pretty in Pink

shed,building,outdoor structure,play,dollhouse,

21 It Has Its Own Garden!


22 Love That Entry-way!


23 A Grown-up Girl Playhouse!


24 Don't Forget to Stock It with Snacks


25 Total Zen

man made object,outdoor structure,lawn,Trini'shiminii,iviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisviv,

26 I Love the Decor! Those Aprons Though...

room,property,home,living room,interior design,

27 Perfection!


28 Do You Crafting in There

room,living room,home,house,interior design,

29 Just a Little Alcove is All You Need


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