Move over Man Cave . the She Shed is Here

By Jennifer

Move over Man Cave . the She Shed is Here

If your hubs gets a man-cave, then you get a she-shed, a little spot in the garden just for you. Here are a few ideas for your own little zen spot, your garden shed turned into your own little spot of heaven.

1 All Windows

2 So Much Color!

3 The Lady Lodge

4 Bungalow-Styled

5 Rustic

6 A Treehouse?

7 The Perfect Little Escape

8 So Shabby Chic!

9 I Love the Mini Pergola

10 Skylight!

11 So Many Windows!

12 Studio Workspace

13 I'd Live Here

14 Tiny Space

15 Cottage White

16 Does This One Have a Loft?

17 A Potting Shed

18 Just Gorgeous!

19 So Much Light!

20 Pretty in Pink

21 It Has Its Own Garden!

22 Love That Entry-way!

23 A Grown-up Girl Playhouse!

24 Don't Forget to Stock It with Snacks

25 Total Zen

26 I Love the Decor! Those Aprons Though...

27 Perfection!

28 Do You Crafting in There

29 Just a Little Alcove is All You Need

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