7 Surprising Things You Can Compost Right Now ...

There are lots of things you can compost, so it’s time to get started. If you garden in any way, big or small, compost is the ideal material for getting your stuff to grow and you might even get a higher yield from your fruits and vegetables. Compost is super simple to make and you’ll reap the rewards all summer long. You probably know that you can compost fruit and vegetable peels, pits and skins, but there are plenty of other surprising things you can compost. Get started today!

1. Coffee Grounds

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Coffee grounds are one of those things you produce every day, so it pays to know that they are one of the best things you can compost. You can even throw the coffee filter in the compost heap as well. I like to keep a small bucket under my sink for the day’s compost. At the end of each day I take it out and bury it with the other compost. You can also buy standing compost holders that you keep in your backyard.

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