7 Spring Plants to Grow in Your Garden ...


7 Spring Plants to Grow in Your Garden ...
7 Spring Plants to Grow in Your Garden ...

Spring is the time when plants bloom and flowers blossom. If you have a garden, there is no better way to spread the cheer than by having spring plants. Here is a list of 7 spring plants to grow in your garden that will make you garden beautiful and fragrant.

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Bachelor’s Buttons

Bachelor’s buttons or cornflower is one of the best spring plants to grow in your garden. They fill your garden up with bright blue color. They grow straight from the seed and are very easy to maintain. If you experience mild winters, you can even plant the seeds in the fall, else you need to plant them as soon as the harshest phase of the winter is over.


Sweet Peas

These are also very pretty flowers to sow in your garden. If you live in a cool climate you can sow these seeds directly in the garden. But, if you have short springs, you may want to give them an early start by planting them in pots and keeping them indoors for a few weeks.



Calendula is also a very pretty looking flower to have in your garden. Some varieties, like the ‘Pacific Beauty’ will grow in all types of weather conditions, especially in the heat. But for some varieties, you may have to do the sowing of the seeds in fall to get blooms in spring.



These violet flowers are surely a thing of beauty. However, they need cool soil temperatures to germinate. So, depending on the weather conditions in your region, you may want to sow the seeds in mid to end fall or as soon as the last frost date is past. These plants grow in full sun or in partial shade.



One of the best spring plants to grow in your garden, these flowers look extremely pretty and dainty and can even be eaten. The seeds of these plants should only be sown after harsh winter is over and there is no more danger of frost. This plant needs sun to blossom, so ensure that you don’t plant it in shade.


Sugar Snap Peas

Sugar snap peas are extremely delightful to add to food or to just munch them as they are. These plants can take a little frost, so they can be planted before the winter is completely over. They should, however, not be exposed to strong summer sun.



Arugula is one of the easiest plants to grow even if you are not an expert in gardening. You can start sowing the seeds as soon as the soil becomes a little loose after the winter. It grows rapidly and before you know it your garden will be full with the greenness of arugula.

All these 7 spring plants to grow in your garden are grown from seeds, and not saplings. This means that starting to grow them is extremely easy and practically anybody can do it.

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