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5 Tips on Growing Birds of Paradise Flowers ...

By Aprille

Bird of Paradise plants have gorgeous blooms that are unlike any other plant I’ve seen in my lifetime. The colors and layers are truly unique. If you’ve recently acquired one of these amazing plants, then the following 5 tips on growing Birds of Paradise flowers should be very helpful.

5 Only Plant Outdoors if You Live in Zones 8 or 9

This plant is native to South America and the southern part of Africa, which means it thrives in warm climates. If you live in a colder climate, then you’ll want to make this a container plant that is kept indoors during cold weather. 50 degrees is about the lowest temperature this plant can tolerate.

4 Place in a Sunny Location

Knowing the origins of this plant should clue you in on the fact that this plant needs lots of sunshine. If your Bird of Paradise plant is in a container, you may need to move it from one location to another in order to keep it in the sun.

3 Fertilize Every 3 Months during the Warmest Months

Fertilization mainly pertains to container plants, but if your Bird of Paradise plant is growing in an outdoor garden it will also benefit from a little bit of fertilizer. A slow-release fertilizer is best. Purchase one that has the ratio 12-4-8. Only apply fertilizer during the months when the plant is growing a lot.

2 Add Mulch to Conserve Moisture and Maintain Warmth for the Roots

I find it amazing at how quickly soil around my plants lose moisture. A thick layer of shredded tree bark or wood chips will keep water from evaporating quickly. The mulch will also help to stabilize the temperature of the soil around the roots.

1 Provide an Abundance of Water during the Growing Season

The Bird of Paradise plant needs lots of water during the growing season and it will greatly appreciate all you give to it. A lack of water will cause this plant to not bloom later on.

I hope you find these tips helpful in growing one of these lovely plants. How did you come across this exotic plant in the first place?

Top Photo Credit: Naren97

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