7 Garden Landscaping Tips ...


7 Garden Landscaping Tips ...
7 Garden Landscaping Tips ...

I spend my winter dreaming about the gardens I will create in the spring. I look forward to putting my ideas into motion as soon as the ground thaws out. Some of the 7 garden landscaping tips listed below can be used even before it’s time to plant veggie seeds or flower bulbs. Take a look at the following list and see if there might be something useful for you and your gardening needs.

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Eliminate the Need for Weed Killer by Applying Mulch

Bags of cypress mulch, pine chips, or generic bark can be purchased from most gardening stores. You can also make your own with shredded newspaper or leave the newspaper whole and lay down a few sheets in between rows of plants. Some people like to use newspaper as a base layer, but then cover it up with more attractive mulch.


Fences Aren’t Only for Surrounding a Garden

Get creative with a small section of fence. You can place a short row of fencing in the middle of a perennial garden and plant a flowering vine on it. Form a wavy display in a central location in the vegetable garden for growing snow peas on. Why not try making a large design out of the fencing and allow a couple of different vines to intertwine over the shape to create a piece of living art in your garden? The possibilities are endless!


Set up a Water Garden in a Section of the Yard

If you already have a small flower garden, then add a little waterfall to it. This makes the atmosphere even more relaxing. The sound of a waterfall is very soothing. Some gardeners enjoy keeping Koi fish in a small pond. These fish are beautiful and entertaining to watch as they gracefully swim about. Pond kits that come with everything you need to create a beautiful pond can be purchased from garden stores. This takes a lot of the guess work out of how to go about making a functioning water garden.


Put Sod That You’ve Dug up into Ruts or Low Spots around the Yard

There’s no sense in piling up the dislodged sod in a corner of the yard where it isn’t going to be put to good use. Before removing sod to create a garden spot, take a tour around the yard and make note of any low spots or ruts that need to be filled. Lay the sod chunks or strips into the low areas and walk on them to flatten them down into the space. This technique is a lot cheaper than shipping in some top soil to fill in low areas of your yard.


Create a Garden That is Appealing All Year Long

Once the flowering plants have finished blooming, then what? Is your garden a dried up section of brown foliage all winter long? Try incorporating a few evergreen bushes or shrubs in your flower garden so you have some greenery all winter long. This also makes the yard seem a lot less drab.


Incorporate Wild Grasses or Other Non-flowering Plants to Add Texture to Your Garden

You don’t have to stick to only flowering plants when making a garden spot. There is an excellent selection of plants that will supply you with all colors of greenery to enhance the appearance of your garden. Mosses, grasses, shrubs, and ferns are all perfect additions to shady gardens with moist soil. Determine which ones will work best with your garden’s location and go for it!


Make Your Garden as Low-maintenance as Possible

Planting mostly perennials means you won’t need to fill as many spaces next spring with new plants. Mulching will provide you with protection against weed growth. Placing your garden near a water source will enable you easy access to water, instead of hauling it by the bucket load. Don’t create a garden bigger than what you can care for. These are just a few examples of how you can make your garden a low maintenance one.

I hope these 7 garden landscaping tips come in handy this spring and summer while you are working in the garden. What are some landscaping tips you’d like to share?

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