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5 Tips on Caring for and Growing Colorful Bougainvillea ...

By Aprille

I love the colors of the varieties of Bougainvillea plants sold in stores and online. The bracts remind me of Chinese lanterns that have opened up. The color these vines add to any place they are grown is simply amazing. It’s hard to find a vine that is more cheerful than the Bougainvillea plant. If you currently have one of these gorgeous plants or are thinking about getting one, then take a look at the 5 tips on caring for and growing colorful Bougainvillea plants.

5 Choose a Healthy Vine

It’s much easier to successfully grow a plant when you start off with a healthy one. Look over your selection of vines very carefully. Make sure it isn’t diseased or pest ridden when you make the purchase.

4 Place in Full Sun

Coming from a warm climate, these vines enjoy lots of sunshine. They will tolerate a bit of shade, but full sun is going to help you grow a healthy Bougainvillea vine.

3 Grow in Quick-draining Soil That is Acidic

Rich soil will give you some great green foliage, but the blooms will be scarce. Bougainvillea plants need acidic soil in order to produce a plentiful crop of flowers and colorful bracts. Add some organic compost to your current selection of soil if you don’t think it is going to allow enough drainage as-is.

2 Give Them Room to Grow

Remember that these plants are vines and they will need room to climb. A Bougainvillea vine can scale a wall and cover a fence in no time at all. Offer these vines a good support system for their climbing needs as well.

1 Feed Once a Month

A 20-20-20 fertilizer that is water-soluble is best for the Bougainvillea vine. You can also use a 21-5-20 fertilizer instead.

These tips should help you raise your Bougainvillea vine and keep it happy. Do you think these tips provide you with enough information on caring for a Bougainvillea vine?

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