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The 5 Best Flowers to Use for Fresh Cut Bouquets ...

By Aprille

Out of the 5 best flowers to use for fresh cut bouquets that I’ve listed below, I have a very difficult time deciding which one is my number one favorite. I love them all and each one adds lots of color to a fresh cut bouquet. See if you recognize the names of any of the flowers mentioned below.

5 Burgundy Gaillardia

This flower looks a bit like a bright red daisy and measures about 3 inches across. The blooms are plenty as well, since this plant will produce tons of blooms from the beginning of summer well into the fall. Butterflies are also attracted to this flower.

4 Redwing Butterfly Glad

Each crimson flower is outlined with at thin line of white. The plant gets its name from the butterfly-shaped blooms that appear in the early part of summer. This glad will grow to be around 3 feet in height and thrives in both full sun and partial shade. If you live in zones 3 thru 6, you’ll need to dig these beautiful flowers up in the fall and plant them again the following spring.

3 Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia

The tip of each flower petal is a crimson color that gradually becomes almost black once it nears the center. These flowers look great in bouquets even after they have dried.

2 Discovery Dutch Iris

Bright orange accent the lower petals on this bright bluish-purple flower. It is a hardy bloomer and produces flowers from late spring to early summer. This particular iris will do well in partial shade to full sun in zones 5 thru 9.

1 Double Freesia

Most gardeners know how wonderful this flower’s aroma is. The double rows of petals create a highly impressive bloom. This flower also appears in hues of light yellow, white, red, and purple on different plants.

If you have any other flowers that you prefer to use in fresh cut bouquets, feel free to mention them. Which of these, if any, have you never heard of before?

Top Photo Credit: photorose

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