27 Awesome Indoor Houseplants to Brighten up Your Home ...

By Eliza

27 Awesome Indoor Houseplants to Brighten up Your Home ...

Indoor houseplants are great because they help purify the air in your home and look great as part of your decor too. There are lots of indoor houseplants that are easy to care for so you don't have to worry about them dying. Some can even live without much water or light so you can keep them anywhere. You can keep plants in virtually any room in your house, depending on the type of care they need. Have a look at these great options and you'll be ready to deck your house with plants in no time.

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1 String of Pearls

String of Pearls Via glimpses of our new home ...
This beautiful hanging plant is ideal for smaller spaces. .It's also one of the easiest to care for indoor houseplants you'll find.

2 Terrariums

Terrariums Via the given life: The Cheater's ...
Terrariums are a small and easy way to display small houseplants anywhere in your house. Cute, huh?

3 Windowsill Plant

Windowsill Plant Via Gardening Clan
Windowsills are a great place to store houseplants.

4 Mason Jar Wall Planters

Mason Jar Wall Planters Via Mason Jar Wall Planter | ...
These would look super cute in a kitchen or dining room, don't you think?

5 Hanging Terrariums

Hanging Terrariums Via homelife.com.au
If you like the terrarium above, you'll love these hanging versions.

6 Indoor Herb Garden

Indoor Herb Garden Via Garden All Year With These ...
An indoor herb garden looks pretty and smells really good too.

7 In a Row

In a Row Via The 15 easiest indoor house ...
A row of the same houseplants makes for a great presentation in your entryway.

8 Hanging Indoor Plants

Hanging Indoor Plants Via THE GREATEST : Photo
These plants go well together and hanging them means they won't take up too much room in your home.

9 Rex Begonia

Rex Begonia Via bakker.co.uk
This is a great choice if you want a bit more color when it comes to houseplants.

10 In Cute Mugs

In Cute Mugs Via House Plant Portrait No. 2
This tiny plant nestles perfectly inside the mug. Look for cute mugs at the thrift store or at garage sales.

11 Donkey Tail

Donkey Tail Via Donkey Tail Plant
This is a unique plant that would look great hanging in any room of your house.

12 Air Plants

Air Plants Via Wall Mounted Air Plants - ...
I have some of these in my bathroom. They look great on the wood and are really easy to take care of.

13 Philodendron

Philodendron Via Philodendron monstera
Not only does this plant look awesome, but it's one of the easiest to take care of.

14 Improving Air Quality

Improving Air Quality Via Indoor | Eco-Mothering
I have one of these in each of the bedrooms of my house. They are reported to be great for air quality.

15 In the Bathroom

In the Bathroom Via Indoor Plants that Don't Need ...
Many kinds of houseplants do well in the bathroom due to the moisture in the air.

16 Group Them Together

Group Them Together Via The Design Chaser: Interior Styling ...
I love the way a grouping of houseplants look.

17 Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant Via The 15 easiest indoor house ...
Plants with big leaves look great in larger rooms.

18 Lotus Minor

Lotus Minor Via 【明るい部屋】ポートフォリオ
This is an easy plant to grow in the house and it's really pretty when it blooms.

19 Use a Big Pot

Use a Big Pot Via 15 houseplants for improving indoor ...
A large pot is a great home for your tall houseplants. This looks really great!

20 Try a Basket

Try a Basket Via 5 Indoor Plants I Haven't ...
A large basket is also a fun way to display and care for your houseplants too.

21 On a Plant Stand

On a Plant Stand Via Grow Your Own Fresh Air ...
Plant stands come in a range of sizes and shapes so you're sure to find the one that works best with your plant.

22 Near a Window

Near a Window Via bloglovin.com
Plants that need a lot of light look splendid hanging in a window.

23 Herbs Planted in Teacups

Herbs Planted in Teacups Via Indoor Herb Garden Ideas - ...
What a fun way to use teacups you don't drink out of anymore.

24 Trailing Leaves

Trailing Leaves Via 5 Indoor Plants I Haven't ...
A plant like this one would make a great display if you have high walls with ledges.

25 Line Them up

Line Them up Via Indoor Garden Inspiration: Bring In ...
If you have a whole bunch of plants that need a lot of light, use a table like this one to keep them all together.

26 Grow Indoor Plants Upside down

Grow Indoor Plants Upside down Via Grow indoor plants upside down ...
This just looks really cool doesn't it?

27 Indoor Citrus Plants

Indoor Citrus Plants Via Indoor Citrus Plants | Apartment ...
Citrus plants tend to do pretty well inside, even if you live in a a cool or cold place. I have a Meyer lemon tree in my house and it's been really easy to nurture.

Do you prefer live houseplants or the fake (and easy to take care of) ones? Did you see one on this list that you love?

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This article makes no sense. Look at the title and see whats inside it. You should give name of the plants not where to keep em.

I have to agree...the plants are great and I like to see the different ways to keep them, but having the names would have been useful.

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