7 Indoor Plants That Are Low Maintenance for the Beginner Gardener ...


7 Indoor Plants That Are Low Maintenance for the Beginner Gardener ...
7 Indoor Plants That Are Low Maintenance for the Beginner Gardener ...

If you’re someone who has a funny track record with growing plants, but have always yearned for a green thumb, then don’t fret because there are a lot of indoor plants that are low maintenance and easy to take care of. As a beginner gardener, it’s hard to grow plants in general, let alone under unpredictable weather conditions. My advice is to start with indoor plants first, and move to the outdoors later if you’re feeling up to it. There are many benefits to growing indoor plants: they give off oxygen, absorb harmful substances in the air, and add a homey atmosphere to your living space. So here are seven indoor plants that are low maintenance to start your garden.

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Cactus Cactus is probably the easiest to take care of in this list of indoor plants that are low maintenance. Cacti originate from areas that are extremely dry (like deserts) which makes it a plant that is really low maintenance when it comes to watering. Depending on the size and type, cactus should only be watered once or twice a month. Just make a mental note of when you last watered it, because cacti do not like to be overwatered. And if you’re not into the prickly look, there are certain cacti that sprout beautiful flowers.



Bamboo Since bamboo derives from both hot and cold climates, this plant upholds a reputation of great resilience. Bamboo likes to be placed under filtered sunlight, and only needs about an inch of untreated water every week or so. I have a bamboo plant, and sometimes I have forgotten to water it, but it still looks as beautiful as ever. Not only is bamboo easy to take care of, but it also has symbolic meanings, depending on the number of stalks it has. To find out the different meanings, check out this link: luckybambooshop.com


Bamboo truly thrives with minimal care, making it ideal for those starting their gardening journey. Its versatility allows it to adapt to various indoors conditions with ease. Remember, the key is to avoid overwatering, as bamboo prefers to stay on the drier side. This adaptable plant not only freshens up the space with its vibrant green stalks but also brings a touch of zen and, according to some beliefs, good fortune. Just ensure it has enough space to grow, as some bamboo species can reach impressive heights even indoors.


English Ivy

English Ivy Ah yes, ivy. This is the stuff that grows, and grows, and grows. Sometimes it grows so much that it covers entire walls of buildings. English ivy is considered to be very attractive and serves the purpose of covering large areas of space (if given the opportunity). When taking care of English ivy, make sure to place in filtered light and water whenever the top of the soil feels dry. There’s no real scheduled maintenance for this plant. Just go with it and watch it grow!


Jade Plant

Jade Plant Jade is a really interesting and attractive looking plant, in my opinion. If you’re looking to grow something that looks out of the ordinary and healthy, then this is the plant for you. Jade has thick stalks with thick, smooth green leaves that look shiny. The plant’s dense, glossy characteristics make it appear strong and healthy. Not only is this particular plant aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also fairly easy to take care of. Jade plants love direct sunlight and only need to be watered every two weeks to a month.


African Violet

African Violet This pretty flower will bring a pop of colour to your living space. Like its name proclaims, African Violets originate from Tanzania and Kenya, and sprout small purple flowers. While African Violets are not as low maintenance as the other plants on this list – mainly because the soil needs to be moist all the time – the good thing about this plant is that it blooms all year round. So if you take the initiative to properly care for this plant, you will be rewarded with pretty deep purple flowers in your living room in the dead of winter. Just make sure to place this plant in filtered sunlight, and you’re good to go.


Areca Palm

Areca Palm If you’re looking for a bit of variety in your indoor garden, go for the Areca Palm. It’s a tree that thrives in the shade and only needs to be watered every two weeks. This plant is great if you’re looking for décor with some height. Depending on the size of the pot, the Areca Palm can grow to about seven feet. And if you’re looking to keep the tree shorter, it’s no problem. Just keep this plant contained in a smaller pot.


Spider Plant

Spider Plant Also known as Chlorophytum comosum, the Spider plant is another plant that is low maintenance. Although Spider plants love a lot of water and sunlight, they are forgiving if you forget to water them occasionally. If cared for correctly though, they grow at a fast pace and can be easily multiplied, which is definitely worth the money. This plant works best hanging up, as its green and white leaves flow and hang over the edge, creating a spider-like imitation. The best thing about this plant is that it absorbs toxins in the air and releases clean oxygen.

These seven indoor plants that are low maintenance should start you off on the right foot when you begin your garden. It’s time to get that green thumb you’ve always wanted. What indoor plants do you find are the easiest to care for? Is there an indoor plant that you’ve had for years? Out of this list, which plant(s) are you most excited to try to grow?

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