7 Must Know Tips for Planting a Flower Bed Late in the Year ...

By Fawn

7 Must Know Tips for Planting a Flower Bed Late in the Year ...

If you're planning on planting a flower bed, there are some things that you really need to know! Especially if you're planting a flower bed late in the year. After years of planting late in the season (every season) I've come up with some tricks and tips that will keep your flowers and plants looking absolutely beautiful and vibrant even if you transplant them just before fall starts (the end of the summer is the best time of the year to get great deals on flowers, especially perennials.) Without further ado, these are my tips for planting your flowers in your flower bed or garden late in the season!

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1 Buy Late Blooming Plants

Buy Late Blooming Plants If you're planning on planting a flower bed late in the season, you should buy some late blooming plants so that you still get a little color before the weather changes. You can tell when a plant is going to bloom by looking at the written information on the plastic stake that comes with the plant. If you're one of those people that likes to plan really far ahead you can look up late blooming plants on the web before you go to the nursery!

2 "Dead Head"

"Dead Head" This sounds a little weird, but if you plant a plant late in the season, you want to be sure to pull all the dead flower heads off of the plant that you're planting so that the plant can continue to flower. If you leave the dead heads on, your plant will not put out new blooms in that place and your plant will continue to try and revive that particular portion of itself. It's much better to pull the dead heads off and let your plant sprout new ones!

3 The Diaper Trick

The Diaper Trick Buy Earth Friendly diapers here at diapers.com

This is the coolest thing that I have ever discovered and it works REALLY well. The first year that I planted my flower bed late in the season, a good friend told me to wrap the roots in a environmentally friendly diaper (I use 7th generation free and clear diapers that are made of wood pulp so they disintegrate over time) that had been soaked in sugar water. That way, your plants won't have to work as hard to feed themselves and they can thrive in their first few weeks in your soil to prepare for the cold that's about to happen.

4 Water with Water and Lemon Lime Soda

Water with Water and Lemon Lime Soda That seems a little odd I know but, it works. I take an empty milk jug and add one can of lemon lime per gallon of water and mix well. I then use that to fill my watering can. The flowers love the lemon lime soda and they bloom in extra bright colors. I just like to water it down so that the acidity of the soda doesn't ruin the flowers.

5 Germinate First

Germinate First If you're planning on growing a garden from scratch and you're planting a little late, make sure that you germinate the seeds on your windowsill first. All you need is a paper towel, some water and a sandwich bag. First, wet the paper towel and wring it out. Lay it flat and pour the seeds on the towel and fold it in half, then in half again, then in half again and again. Then, put the folded paper towel in the bag and leave that bag on the windowsill. In a week your seeds will have sprouted and you can cut the paper towel in as many pieces as you like and plant the pieces in your flower bed.

6 Plant Bulbs

Plant Bulbs If you're planting late in the year and you don't mind not having a plant or flowers in your garden for a little while, plant bulbs. In spring time you'll see that you have some beautiful new plants!

7 Know Your Soil

Know Your Soil One of the most important things about planting anywhere and any time is to know your soil. Know if it's sandy or acidic or anything like that so you know what plants will flourish and what plants won't. There's no point in planting something that won't do well no matter when you plant it.

Well ladies, these are my tips for planting a flower bed late in the season. What are your tips for planting a flower bed? Let me know down below!

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