7 Easy-to-grow Herbs That You Will Love ...

By Doriean

7 Easy-to-grow Herbs That You Will Love ...

Yes, it’s winter, but it’s possible you’re dreaming of spring and beginning to think of easy-to-grow herbs for your upcoming garden. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to grow herbs all summer that you can store and enjoy in dishes throughout next winter? Of course it would! So here are several easy-to-grow herbs to add to your herb garden to give you beautiful and tasty herbs for use all year long.

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1 Rosemary

Rosemary Rosemary is surely one of the best easy-to-grow herbs, especially if you live in a sunny and dry climate. Rosemary can crawl up a lattice or brick wall. It can also grow in small bushes or shrubbery shapes. Another perk to rosemary is that it grows well in containers. This means if the weather gets blustery, you can bring your rosemary indoors to protect it from the elements.

2 Lavender

Lavender Lavender is a common easy-to-grow herb. The look and scent of this herb make it a favorite for many an herb garden. It grows in white or beautiful pink or purple flowers. It can be dried and look just as lovely while still giving off the sweet, subtle smell. Lavender can grow in the midst of a flower garden or in its own container so it can be brought inside during colder months.

3 Basil

Basil There are many different types of basil, making it a good source of variety when choosing herbs for your garden. For best results, plant basil where it will receive a lot of sunshine. It grows well alongside flowers or in its own container. Basil is common in foods and sauces such as pesto or flavorful salads. It’s easy-to-grow and easy to add to foods for additional flavor.

4 Dill

Dill The pickle-esque smell and taste of dill can easily be yours as dill is an easy herb to grow. You can use almost the entire plant – seeds, leaves and flowers – to season dips, salads, or any food that needs a bit of tangy flavor. Dill should be grown in full sun. It’s important to harvest dill regularly so that it will continue to grow. An extra tip: reuse seeds you harvest to plant new dill next season.

5 Chives

Chives Did you know that chives flower? This makes them a beautiful addition to any flower garden. The great part is, they are beautiful and tasty! Their onion taste is a great addition to just about any flavorful dish. Chives can be grown in sunny, dry areas. You can also grow chives in their own container for mobility when weather changes.

6 Mint

Mint Mint grows in so many fun varieties. It’s an easy-to-grow herb you’ll really love. Choose between spearmint, peppermint or even chocolate mint. These are just as yummy smelling and tasting as they sound. Mint is a great ground cover plant as it spreads really well. If you’d like to keep your mint in one place, it also grows well in containers. A sunny spot is fine, but your mint will thrive with some shade where it grows.

7 Oregano

Oregano Do you cook a lot of Italian dishes and pizza? Well oregano is an herb you’ll want to keep in your garden. It grows beautifully and even flowers with white or light pink petals in the summer time. Like most herbs it can grow alongside flowers or in its own container. Oregano is an easy-to-grow herb you’ll use a bunch.

Harvest, dry and store these herbs so that you can use them in dishes throughout fall and winter. Be sure and save the seeds as well, so that you can plant a new garden the following spring. If you choose to plant your herbs in containers, it’s very possible they will continue to grow indoors throughout the winter. Do you have a green thumb? What are your favorite herbs to grow?

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