7 Plants That Keep Pests Away ...

By Heather

There’s just nothing worse than something eating on your plants, so why not invest in a few plants that keep pests away? I was pleasantly surprised to learn I could plant certain plants that keep pests away, along with all my other lovely plants too. Luckily, most of these pest-preventing plants are also incredibly easy to care for. Find out what they are, and how they can help banish bugs for good!

1 Chives

Chives Chives are one of my favorite herbs, and they’re one of the best plants that keep pests away. Since bugs like aphids, which are small and yellow, can feed on various plants, be sure to plant those in a large pot with chives included. Plus, you’ve got an amazing culinary herb right at your disposal as a result!

2 Basil

Basil Basil is another pest-repelling herb that repels aphids as well. Plus, it makes great toppings for salads, pizza dishes, any type of Mediterranean or Italian dish, and it even goes really great in smoothies. Basil is also an attractive plant, with small white flowers that smell incredible. Since it’s a natural antiviral, it’s no surprise it keeps more bugs away along with common germs!

3 Peppermint

Peppermint I can’t even tell you how much I love peppermint, and how regularly I use it. All forms of mint help fight mosquitoes, fruit flies, and aphids from eating on plants. Be sure to plant it with other plants or herbs that might develop pests in your garden for the best results.

4 Garlic

Garlic Garlic is so pungent, I’m not surprised most pests avoid it. Yet, since we all love and use garlic regularly, it makes a great plant to keep in your garden for dual purposes. Garlic can take a bit longer to grow, but once it starts to sprout, its pest repelling powers will go to work.

5 Geraniums

Geraniums We used to have geraniums in our yard when I was a little girl. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised we rarely had pests since they are a top repelling plant against bugs, especially beetles. Beetles are hard little pests to get rid of. They end up eating away at your plants before you even know what’s happening. Geraniums, along with garlic, help to repel them, so be sure to plant these around your yard. Just be sure to water them well, they need a good bit!

6 Marigolds

Marigolds If you love tomato plants, be sure you plant a couple of marigolds next to them. Tomato plants tend to draw large green caterpillars that will eat on them quickly. These are technically known as hornworms. Hornworms will eat the leaves and the actual fruit of tomatoes, but marigolds are hornworms’ worst enemy. Plus, marigolds have a nice smell, along with lovely colors to add a bit of attractiveness to your garden too! If you don’t like marigolds, opal basil and borage also help repel hornworms as well.

7 Spearmint

Spearmint Spearmint, a type of mint, is especially great for preventing ants. Peppermint is great as well. Ants thrive in areas near your house, so you want to plant mint close to your home if possible. Just be sure not to plant mint in the ground. It needs a good drainage pot. The best way to plant it is in large pots with good soil and good drainage. The smell is what keeps the ants away, and spearmint’s scent carries in the air quite well, which will help deter ants from your home.

Roses, tomato plants, beans, fruit trees, peppers, eggplant, zucchini, and cucumbers are all heavily prone to pest damage. Be sure to keep a few of these plants that fight pests in your garden, and most likely, you’ll see less and less of them every year. Do you use any of these pest-repelling plants in your garden? Which ones?

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