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7 Beautiful Houseplants to Add to Your Home ...

By Holly

I have so many beautiful houseplants in my flat and I have to say, they are my absolute favourite decor to add to a house. There are so many different gorgeous varieties, each with their own benefits, but there are some which really stand out. Even if you’re like me and don’t have the greenest of thumbs, these beautiful houseplants are super easy to look after!

Table of contents:

  1. Aloe vera
  2. Rubber tree
  3. Snake plant
  4. Nerve plant
  5. Peace lily
  6. String of pearls
  7. English ivy

1 Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera not only cleans and purifies the air within your home, but as you probably know, it’s great for your skin! Keep one in the kitchen so if you accidentally burn yourself, you can simply snip of a spear and cool the burn off ASAP. Aloe Vera also looks wonderful, so it definitely tops my list of beautiful houseplants!

2 Rubber Tree

Rubber Trees are the most gorgeous plants that will compliment any room. Their round, shiny leaves help to clean air and look stunning. These trees will grow about 8 feet tall, so if you don’t have room for a plant of that size just make sure you prune the stems. The Rubber Plant is easy to look after, so it’s a great starter houseplant.

3 Snake Plant

The Snake Plant (sometimes cheekily called Mother-In-Law’s Tongue) is a great addition to a modern home with its sleek, simplistic look. This plant will thrive in any lighting conditions and room temperature and enjoys dry soil, so don’t stress if you forget to water it every once in a while!

4 Nerve Plant

The Nerve Plant has got to take the cake for the coolest looking houseplant ever! It gets its name from its veiny-looking appearance, and it seriously pops in a black or terracotta pot. It can either be green, maroon or even pink, all of which look totally brilliant. If you have a feature wall in your home somewhere, that’s the place to put this eye-catching plant.

5 Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is known for neutralizing carbon monoxide and formaldehyde in the air as well as having an elegant white flower. This houseplant is easy to look after, just sit it somewhere that gets indirect sunlight, too much sun and the leaves can turn yellow. Water when the leaves look droopy and you’ll have this gorgeous plant sitting in your house for years to come!

6 String of Pearls

If you have a place in your house for a hanging basket, this is the absolute perfect plant for it. String of Pearls is a succulent, so it doesn’t require much maintenance, so don’t worry about forgetting to water it. Place it somewhere it will receive plenty of sunlight, and watch the ‘strings’ grow and cascade down the sides of your hanging basket. Perfect!

7 English Ivy

English Ivy is a classic plant which might not be so welcome in the garden as it’ll spread like wildfire, but in a house where you can control it, it looks totally chic. English Ivy will look good as a centerpiece in a pot on a table, or in a hanging basket if you have the room. If you ever want another English Ivy, simply snip off a piece of stem about five inches long and pot it up! Simple!

Not only can houseplants clean the air within your living spaces, but they’re generally easy to look after and are just gorgeous! I love my houseplants and I always get comments on them, so they’re great conversation starters too. Have you had any luck with houseplants? Which is your favourite?

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