7 Ways to Water Your Plants when You're Away from Home ...

By Lauren

7 Ways to Water Your Plants when You're Away from Home ...

You need ways to water your plants when you’re away from home unless you want to come home to pots of shriveled leaves. You need to make sure the soil doesn’t run dry and that the plants aren’t suffering from changes in temperature etc. Here are some ways to water your plants when you’re away from home.

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1 Aqua Globes

Aqua Globes One of the interesting ways to water your plants when you're away from home is to use aqua globes. They are spheres made from blown glass or plastic you can find in the gardening section or garden stores. A water globe consists of a solid tube and a round base that contains water. Use a water globe with a larger bulb to keep your plants fresh for longer periods.

2 Damp Towel

Damp Towel Placing a damp/wet towel underneath the drainage hole of your plant pot will also help keep your plants fresh if you're away for a week or so. Also, learn a bit about how many days your apartment-jungle can go without water in different seasons. Plants like Cacti can live for months without water. For other plants, be sure to remove buds and flowers, and keep these plants in shady areas to ensure the plants need less water while you're away.

3 Pebble Tray

Pebble Tray This is one of the easiest ways to water your plants when you're away from home if your trip is short. Get a shallow tray and fill it with small rocks. Now, fill it with water - make sure that pebbles or small rocks are all under the surface of the water. Place your potted plants in the tray. This method works quite well if you're out on a short trip.

4 Newspapers

Newspapers Put those old newspapers to good use – jut save a few from the recycling. Create a layer of damp newspapers and place it over the soil of the pot to keep your plant watered. This works best for large pots.

5 String Wicking

String Wicking The string wicking method works quite effectively and helps keep your plants fresh in your absence. Get an absorbent piece of string and stick it down into the soil near your plant – you can use a screwdriver or something similar to push your string deep inside the soil. The other end of the string should go into a bottle full of water. The water will move from the bottle to the soil as a result of capillary action, and your plant can access it from there.

6 DIY Greenhouse

DIY Greenhouse This is a clever little idea – to create a miniature greenhouse for each plant! Stick a number of bamboo sticks/or other plant sticks into the pot. Then put a plastic bag over and seal. Be sure to put the sticks in such a way that the bag is not touching the foliage anywhere, and remember to water the plant before doing this.

7 Neighbors or Friends

Neighbors or Friends This has to be the easiest ways to water your plants when you’re away from home. Ask someone you trust to do it for you – a friend or neighbor you can trust with your house keys. If you have an extensive collection of house plants and they mean something to you, you can always consider a plant-tending service.

There’s no need to worry about coming home to pots of dead and dying plants if you make plans for them to be watered while you’re away. Do you like lots of plants in your home?

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lovely interesting clues will defi try them

Water bulbs are better

Ask your neighbor / close friend to house sit.

Haha! And if you can't do a any of those,last minute idea! Neighbours!!

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