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76 Gorgeous Roses Youll Wish You Could Grow ...

By Neecey

Who doesn't love to receive a bouquet of beautiful roses? When we receive them we notice the colors and the perfume, and smile when we arrange them a vase. If you are a rose grower, however, the story is slightly different. The range of beautiful roses you can grow in your garden is truly astounding. Seriously, commercial roses are just so boring and bland compared to the stunningly beautiful roses you can grow for yourself.

Table of contents:

  1. Mint julep rose
  2. Old country roses
  3. Irish creme roses
  4. Osiria rose
  5. Tiffany blue rose
  6. Martha washington rose
  7. Nostalgie
  8. Fire and ice roses
  9. Leonidas
  10. Mawar batik
  11. Eden
  12. Black pearl
  13. White delight
  14. Huntington library
  15. Black rose
  16. Sterling silver
  17. Shinoburedo
  18. Walking on sunshine
  19. William morris
  20. Maria stern
  21. Louise odier
  22. Rainbow sherbet
  23. La ville de bruxelles
  24. Claude monet
  25. Blue girl
  26. Madame isaac pereire
  27. New dawn
  28. Double delight
  29. A thing of beauty
  30. Honey perfume
  31. Blue rose
  32. Amber queen
  33. Apricot queen
  34. Isabel renaissance
  35. Purple rose
  36. Queen of sweden
  37. Just joey
  38. Single bloom
  39. Green roses
  40. Coral dawn
  41. Ferdinand pichard
  42. Juliet
  43. St. patrick
  44. Blue nile
  45. Fragrant plum
  46. Madame plantier
  47. Joseph's coat
  48. Port sunlight
  49. Cherry parfait
  50. Tropicana
  51. Grace
  52. Marquise noire
  53. Candy stripe
  54. Scepter'd isle
  55. Tequila sunrise
  56. Champagne wishes
  57. Crown majesty
  58. Jaqueline du pre
  59. Tahiti sunrise
  60. Princess diana
  61. Abraham derby
  62. Purple roses
  63. Peace rose
  64. Princess anne
  65. French lace
  66. Fairy rose
  67. Deep purple
  68. Remy martin
  69. Geoff hamilton
  70. Brass band
  71. Felicia
  72. Marmalade skies
  73. Halfeti rose
  74. Sterling silver
  75. Mister lincoln
  76. Teasing georgia

1 Mint Julep Rose

Via Mint Julep Rose from Collections ...

There are some beautiful roses in unusual colors. This name is perfect for the colors.

2 Old Country Roses

Via Изнанка октября 2012

These cultivars are known as a type called "cabbage roses." You can see why.

3 Irish Creme Roses

Via Irish Creme rose

What a gloriously unusual color.

4 Osiria Rose

Via Large- Flowered Rose 'Osiria' | ...

A stunning mix of blood red and silver white.

5 Tiffany Blue Rose

Via Tiffany Blue Rose

These would be perfect as the "something blue" in a bridal bouquet.

6 Martha Washington Rose

Via I am determined to be ...

The colors of a sunset.

7 Nostalgie

Via Rose 'Nostalgie' | Roses from ...

Am seriously loving this beautiful rose variety with its cherry red and creamy white.

8 Fire and Ice Roses

Via Fire 'n' Ice Rose

Another perfectly named rose variety.

9 Leonidas

Via Milk Chocolate Roses

They really do look good enough to eat. It's easy to see why these are nicknamed the milk chocolate roses.

10 Mawar Batik


You have to wonder how they come up with these new varieties.

11 Eden

Via Rose Eden

This is one of the most gorgeous climbing varieties of rose.

12 Black Pearl

Via 黒薔薇! - ベランダでバラなどいかがでしょう。:楽天ブログ

The black pearl has a very strong fragrance to go with that deep maroon color.

13 White Delight


The pale pink heart is so delicate.

14 Huntington Library

Via The Huntington Library and Gardens ...

Sorry ladies, I don't know what this rose variety is called but it's so pretty I didn't want to leave it out.

15 Black Rose

Via Heirloom 100 Seeds Deep Purple ...

Black roses are usually very, very dark shades of red or purple. This one is the darkest maroon.

16 Sterling Silver

Via Some of the Most Popular ...

Apparently lavender and lilac colored roses have the sweetest scents.

17 Shinoburedo

Via Shinoburedo

What this lacks in perfume is made up by a wonderful abundance of petals.

18 Walking on Sunshine

Via Award-Winning Roses for Your Garden

You'll get a bush carpeted with flowers if you grow this.

19 William Morris

Via William Morris

Named after the British designer.

20 Maria Stern

Via Maria Stern Sub Zero Rose ...

The Maria Stern is a really hardy rose that can withstand sub zero temperatures.

21 Louise Odier

Via The Most Fragrant Roses for ...

This variety was first cultivated back in 1851.

22 Rainbow Sherbet


This really does remind me of kali (kay-lye) - the British name for sherbet candy.

23 La Ville De Bruxelles

Via La Ville De Bruxelles Rose

Roses are so associated with England but so many gorgeous rose varieties originate from France. Like this one, bred before 1837.

24 Claude Monet

Via Account Suspended

As pretty as the impressionist pictures Monet painted.

25 Blue Girl

Via Items similar to Blue Girl ...

Such a delicate shade of blue.

26 Madame Isaac Pereire

Via Madame Isaac Perriere - C040

There's a whole range of roses known as "Bourbon Roses," with the first being recorded in 1824.

27 New Dawn

Via The Most Fragrant Roses for ...

Choose this rose variety if you want big pink climbing blooms.

28 Double Delight

Via Double Delight

A most glorious cherry red and custard cream. Dessert, anyone?

29 A Thing of Beauty

I have failed to track down the name of this exquisite rose but it is simply, in my opinion, one of the most gorgeous flowers ever.

30 Honey Perfume

Via The Most Fragrant Roses for ...

This one is an award winning floribunda.

31 Blue Rose

Via My blue Rose

Again, no name found but who cares. It's fab-u-lous.

32 Amber Queen

Via Flowers Floribunda Rose 'Amber Queen'.

Floribunda type roses are instantly recognizable for their ruffle-y petals.

33 Apricot Queen

Via Apricot Queen

So very pretty.

34 Isabel Renaissance

Via Rose (Rosa 'Isabel Renaissance') in ...

Can you beat a gorgeous red rose?

35 Purple Rose

Via purple rose | Very cool ...

There are very few times that Man can improve on Mother Nature but in some of the incredible rose cultivars, it's hard to argue that he hasn't done a bad job.

36 Queen of Sweden

Via Queen of Sweden

Fresh and beautiful.

37 Just Joey

Via The Most Fragrant Roses for ...

This extremely beautiful and unusually colored rose was voted The World's Favorite Rose in 1994 at Rose-world Convention in New Zealand

38 Single Bloom

Via One Rose

I so wanted to know which variety of rose this is but couldn't find it. If anyone knows, please tell.

39 Green Roses

Via The green roses

It's so frustrating to be unable to put a name to a rose, so I'll just have to satisfy myself with their beauty.

40 Coral Dawn

Via How to Grow Beautiful, Colorful, ...

A stunning climbing rose.

41 Ferdinand Pichard

Via ferdinand pichard

Another of the Bourbon Roses. We first saw this one in 1921.

42 Juliet

Via Juliet posy

The Juliet is well known for its large heads, peach shade, and fragrant smell.

43 St. Patrick

Via All sizes | St. Patrick ...

You may wonder why a rose called St. Patrick is yellow but its throat actually turns green.

44 Blue Nile

Via My Rose Garden

Blue Nile is a large Hybrid Tea type rose.

45 Fragrant Plum

Via The Most Fragrant Roses for ...

Fragrant plum is an elegant member of the heirloom grandiflora varieties of roses.

46 Madame Plantier

Via The Most Fragrant Roses for ...

This variety of showy white rose has been around since 1835.

47 Joseph's Coat

Via Joseph's Coat

Superbly named for its varied hues.

48 Port Sunlight

Via Port Sunlight rose & buds

Port Sunlight has a bold, contemporary, rich apricot coloring with a classic, rich, pure tea fragrance.

49 Cherry Parfait

Via Rosa ‘Cherry Parfait’

Roses with flat open petals are called grandiflora roses.

50 Tropicana


You can see why this rose has won many international awards. It's a real show off color.

51 Grace

Via 'Grace' rose

Beautifully named, Grace is an English rose with a strong, warm, sensuous fragrance.

52 Marquise Noire

Via Marquise noire - (explored)Flickr Explore ...

These kinds of roses are created by purposely mixing blooms of different colors. They're collectively called striped roses.

53 Candy Stripe

Via Large-Flowered Rose 'Candy Stripe' | ...

A large showy hybrid tea rose with a mild scent.

54 Scepter'd Isle

Via Hampton court palace gardens

Perfect for a cottage garden with its soft pink blooms and heady myrrh-like scent.

55 Tequila Sunrise

Via Rose - Tequila Sunrise


56 Champagne Wishes

Via Beautiful New Roses for 2013

Such a pretty name for a pretty flower.

57 Crown Majesty

Via Crown Majesty Roses, EcoBlooms, Organic ...

Quote - "Unfurling its sharp regal petals, this magnificent EcoBlooms rose variety resembles a crown that could only be worn by Mother Nature herself."


Via 10641

Named for the great cellist. What a fitting tribute.

59 Tahiti Sunrise

Via Seedling & Sprout Tahiti Sunrise ...

Wouldn't this just make you smile every time you saw it in your garden?

60 Princess Diana

Via Princess Diana Rose

Graceful, serene, and stunning. Just like the lady herself.

61 Abraham Derby

Via 37535

Imagine how many petals there actually are when the center is so closely packed as this.

62 Purple Roses

Via Jewel Tone Florals / Wedding ...

So dark, so moody, yet so gorgeous.

63 Peace Rose

Via Sweet Peace Rose by Kathy ...

Correctly called the Madame A. Meilland, the Peace rose has a special story. The rose was developed in the years 1935-1939 by Frenchman Francis Meilland. When he foresaw war coming he shipped cuttings to friends in various countries around the world so it would be safeguarded. After the war, a Peace rose was presented to each delegation at the inaugural meeting of the United Nations with the message "We hope the 'Peace' rose will influence men’s thoughts for everlasting world peace."

64 Princess Anne

Via Beautiful New Roses for 2013

A fairly new rose - bred in 2012 - by English rose breeder extraordinaire, David Austin and named to honor Her Royal Highness, the Princess Royal.

65 French Lace

Via David Austin's French Lace Rose

As delicate as its name suggests.

66 Fairy Rose

Via Roses

Such an abundance of small but perfectly formed blooms.

67 Deep Purple

Via Purple Rose by Garry Gay

Unlike other colors, ALL lavender and lilac roses are scented.

68 Remy Martin

Via Rose Remy Martin バラ レミーマルタン

That's a lovely deep apricot color.

69 Geoff Hamilton

Via English Rose Geoff Hamilton

This is named for a British man who was to gardening on TV and radio as Oprah is to US talk shows.

70 Brass Band


Quite a harsh sounding name for something so beauteous.

71 Felicia

Via Rose Felicia

Love all the ruffles.

72 Marmalade Skies

Via marmalade skies rose

Now that's what you call an apt name.

73 Halfeti Rose

Via Things that Please Me

Halfeti is a village in Turkey, the only place where "black" roses grow naturally. They are of course a deep, deep, dark crimson red. Original black rose varieties have been cultivated to produce examples like the one above.

74 Sterling Silver

Via Timeline Photos - Provence Mon ...

Such a picture of health and beauty.

75 Mister Lincoln

Via Roses and Irises

A classic red hybrid tea rose. Mister Lincoln is known for its uniform color and extra strong fragrance. .

76 Teasing Georgia

Via 'Teasing Georgia' rose

Delicate but strong.

According to Wikipedia there are more than 100 species of rose and thousands of cultivars. That really should mean there's a rose variety that would suit you perfectly. Have you seen one in this list?

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