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Tiny Gardens That Fit into Any Space ...

By Eliza

So you don't have a huge yard, but still want a garden. You can totally have a cute place for growing plants even if you have a postage stamp yard, or no yard at all. Check out these tiny gardens and I think you'll see just what I mean.

1 Itty Bitty Fairy Garden

Itty Bitty Fairy GardenYou can grow this little garden indoors or out.

2 Hanging Garden

Hanging GardenShort on space? A hanging garden is the obvious solution.

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3 Garden Friend

Garden FriendNo tiny garden is complete without a little gnome.

4 Lots of Green

Lots of GreenEven a tiny patch of yard can become a fabulous garden.

5 Rooftop Garden

Rooftop GardenMaximize your garden space by planting things on a small roof.

6 Potted Garden

Potted GardenEven if there's no dirt in your outdoor space, you can still grow some plants in pots.

7 Use the Wall

Use the WallCreeping plants that grow on the wall are perfect for small gardens.

8 Lots of Plants

Lots of PlantsJust because a space is small doesn't mean you can't have a lot of plants in it.

9 Use All Available Space

Use All Available SpaceNo, this space isn't large, but it uses all available surfaces to grow things.

10 Create a Privacy Wall

Create a Privacy WallCreate privacy in a small space by planting things that grow tall.

11 Your Own Oasis

Your Own OasisThis tiny courtyard is the perfect place to grow a little garden.

12 Use the Fence

Use the FenceThe gardener here makes great use of space by turning the fence into its own patch of garden.

13 In a Tiny Yard

In a Tiny YardThis tiny house and tiny yard are absolutely perfect, don't you think?

14 Mix Things up

Mix Things upThere might not be a ton of space here, but what little there is makes great use of space.

15 Balcony Garden

Balcony GardenLiving in a garden is no excuse to not have an adorable little garden.

16 Great for Sitting

Great for SittingThis garden might be tiny, but it looks like the perfect place to sit and relax.

17 Tiny Succulents

Tiny SucculentsHere's another tiny garden that you could grow inside or outside.

18 Perfect for Lounging

Perfect for LoungingThe plants in this garden define the space while also providing shade.

19 Tiny Herb Garden

Tiny Herb GardenIsn't this tiny herb garden adorable? I love the little signs!

20 Super Tiny

Super TinyCould you do this in your outdoor space?

21 Tin Can Gardening

Tin Can GardeningEven if all you have is a fence, you can still have a garden.

Do you have a tiny outdoor space? Are you ready to grow a tiny garden? Which one is your favorite?

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