3 Types of Birds 🐦 That Protect 🛡 Your Garden 💐 from Pests 🕷🐜 ...


There are plenty of birds that will get rid of pests in the garden. Gardening takes a lot of time and for any serious gardener, eliminating pests is important in helping your vegetables and flowers to grow. Many people use herbicides, organic soaps mixed with water, and other methods to help eradicate pests. Aphids, mosquitos, worms, mites, flies, and beetles can devastate anything from tomatoes to peppers to hibiscus flowers. Along with using other methods, you can use a more natural method of attracting birds to your garden to help support the removal of pests, leaving your garden to growth tall and become even more fruitful! Three birds that will get rid of pests in the garden are:

1. Blue Jays

This type of bird sports a blue and gray coat, preferring sunflower seeds, and peanuts over other types of bird feed. You can attract blue jays by adding bird baths to your yard including hanging platforms containing their preferred feed. These birds are intelligent and pretty to view and generally eat most types of bugs that can be found in a garden area. That's why they're one of the best birds that will get rid of pests in the garden.