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5 Tips on Creating a Wildlife Friendly Garden ...

By Aprille

Some people spend a lot of money trying to keep wild animals out of their gardens, but I actually prefer attracting more wildlife to mine. If you enjoy seeing birds and other animals meandering about your garden spot, then you might find these tips useful. Here are 5 tips on creating a wildlife friendly garden.

Table of contents:

  1. Make a pond
  2. Plant catnip
  3. Grow some sunflowers
  4. Put a birdbath in the center
  5. Add bushes for small animals to hide in

5 Make a Pond

Ponds are fabulous for growing exotic water plants, but they are also perfect for attracting cute little frogs. I love hearing the small frogs chirp in the evening as they call to one another from the water's edge. Birds also like being able to get a fresh drink from time to time.

4 Plant Catnip

My cats adore their bush of catnip. These plants may start out fairly small, but they grow into massive, bushy plants that cats like to hide in and nibble on. The bushes tend to keep the cats' attention so they don't notice the tiny birds flitting about the garden plants.

3 Grow Some Sunflowers

Larger seed-eating birds seem to enjoy the giant sunflowers I plant every year. They will sit on the giant heads and happily peck at the seeds in each one. This is a full-time job for these birds. Any seeds that fall to the ground are picked up by squirrels and chipmunks.

2 Put a Birdbath in the Center

Not only do birds enjoy the birdbath in the center of my flower garden, but I've even caught the cats taking a sip or two while they are outside playing in the yard. I change the water in the afternoon and at the end of the day, so the birds will have a fresh supply of water.

1 Add Bushes for Small Animals to Hide in

Sparrows will sit and chatter to one another for hours on end and there's nothing cuter than an evergreen bush filled with these talkative little birds. The bush doesn't necessarily have to be of the evergreen variety, since most little birds are happy to perch in any type of bush.

I hope these tips give you enough ideas to make your garden a huge success with the wildlife in your area. What ways do you think you can make your garden wildlife friendly?

Top Photo Credit: shishani13

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