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7 Great Gardening Books ...

By Mishka

I know it’s not winter for us northern hemisphere folks, but who says that browsing a gardening book is strictly a winter pastime? If you care to keep your garden active throughout the year, or are considering a plunge into the exciting world of greenery and growth, summer is as good a time as any to browse some great gardening books. Here are 7 great gardening books!

1 Living off the Land – a Handbook for Survival

This title was first published in 1973, and its author, John H. Tobe, is a master in the field of gardening. The book deals with organic farming and gardening, with a particular emphasis on producing your own nutritious homegrown food. The author covers a range of subjects, including diversity in your garden, sowing seeds, pollination and even storing the vegetables and fruits from your garden. If you are a beginner looking to realize your dream of sustaining your kitchen yourself, this book is a must.

2 Getting the Most from Your Garden – Using Advanced Intensive Gardening Techniques

If you have already taken the plunge into gardening and have a good command over the basics, you are probably ready for the next step. That is where a thoroughly researched and exhaustive guide, such as this one, is of great help. Authors Nancy E. Lee, Rich Kline, Ray Wolf and Vic Sussman have produced a detailed volume on setting up your garden bed, as well as preparing and designing it. They have taken into account the conditions and the unique opportunities and challenges of every region of the country.

Here you will find detailed information on the best soil types for different plants and the best ways to generate a lush harvest during the growing season. The book also covers the complex process of seed germination, and how you can do it yourself. Now, doesn't that make it a great gardening book?

3 The Gardener’s a-Z Guide to Growing Organic Food

If you are planning to set up your own library of great gardening books, you will always find space for a thorough gardening encyclopedia, such as this title. It covers everything you need to know about selecting, growing, harvesting and storing over 765 kinds of fruits, vegetables, herbs and nuts. The only limitation of this encyclopedia is that it is fairly sketchy on the subject of transplanting and growing from seed.

4 Working with Nature – Shifting Paradigms

The author of this great gardening book, Heide Hermary, is not only a virtuoso gardener, but also the founder of the Gaia College for gardening related studies. This is her first book and is devoted mostly to ecologically sound gardening practices. Heide also introduces a concept that will be new and fascinating for many gardeners: landscape health management.

5 The Organic Method Primer

This encyclopedic edition is undoubtedly one of the great gardening books, but it is strictly meant for people who are into extensive gardening and agricultural growing. It covers the subject of large-scale organic growing methods comprehensively, shedding light on every important detail pertaining to the field. So, whether you want background information on fertilizers for your crops, weeds, mulch, diseases, harvesting equipment, storage or even marketing, you will find it here.

6 The One-Straw Revolution: an Introduction to Natural Farming

This book by famous Japanese philosopher and natural farmer, Masanobu Fukuoka, draws on a lifetime of experience with completely natural farming. He mastered sustainable farming practices that involved no artificial fertilizers, pesticides or wasteful practices. While there is not a whole lot to learn on the specific subject of organic gardening in this book, you will undoubtedly be influenced by Fukuoka’s completely natural approach towards the green world. I would consider this important reading for anybody dealing with plants and trees in any capacity.

7 Home Gardener’s Problem Solver

It is only appropriate to end this list with something extremely relevant to the home gardener. If you have any experience in this field, you would know how irksome pests and diseases can be, and how inevitable they are, wherever you may be doing your gardening. With this book you get complete information on insect infestations and diseases associated with houseplants, fruit and vegetable gardens, flowers, lawns and trees. You will learn how to identify your problem, how to solve it, and what caused it in the first place. As an additional plus point, the book has a very methodical layout that makes browsing really easy.

Since gardening is a very ancient practice, this list is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to great gardening books. There are several other titles that other gardeners may have found just as good or even better. However, rest assured that with these titles you will have a versatile and fairly comprehensive gardening library. What is your favorite gardening book?

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