5 Cool Flowers I Adore ...


5 Cool Flowers I Adore ...
5 Cool Flowers I Adore ...

Planting season is here again. I’m so excited! I’ve made my selections out of the pile of seed catalogs I’ve been collecting over the winter and have come up with at least 5 cool flowers I adore. They are all listed below, with a description of each one provided for you. Who knows, you just might find one that tickles your fancy and you end up planting it in your garden as well.

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Dragon’s Blood Sedum

To add color to areas that are otherwise difficult to grow plants in, this is the perfect addition. This plant will grow in rock gardens, along the edge of a walkway, on the side of steep banks, and even under shady trees. It spreads quickly and the red star-shaped flowers appear in June and stay until September.


Cherry Lemonade Coreopsis

The color contrast of this plant is eye-catching. Red star-shaped flowers appear among the bright yellow foliage, adding color to your garden all summer long. The golden foliage reminds me of a feather boa. This plant is only hardy outdoors in zones 9 to 11, so you’ll need to place it in a container in the more northern climates.


Pink Pussy Willow

If you like the look of the traditional Pussy Willow tree, then I bet you’ll love this one. The silvery pink hue of each fuzzy catkin is a great conversation piece and perfect for adding a bit of subtle color to your garden. These are more of a shrub than a tree and will grow to be around 10 feet tall.


Dalmation Bellflower

Covered in tiny purple bell-shaped flowers, this low-growing plant forms gorgeous mounds of color to any shade garden. It will tolerate a bit of sunshine as well, if you have a garden that receives partial sun that you’d like to add some color to. This plant grows to be around 9 inches tall and spreads about a foot in diameter. It begins blooming in the spring and continues all summer long.



The feathery plumes of this plant are available in pale pink, red, white, and light purple. These plants make an elegant addition to a shady area, no matter how poor the soil quality is. They will still grow in full sun as well, but tend to grow a bit smaller and slower.

I’m sure you’ve heard of at least a couple of these fantastic flowers. Each of them has something wonderful to contribute to any garden spot, no matter how small of a garden it is. What are some well-loved flowers you currently have in your garden?

Top Photo Credit: Dave on Long Island

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