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5 Beautiful Plants for a Garden ...

By Aprille

My flower garden is a source of great joy for me. I smile every time I see the brightly colored blooms. I also find taking care of these little beauties to be very relaxing; almost therapeutic. My top 5 beautiful plants for a garden plot are listed below. See what you think about these gorgeous plants.

5 Black-eyed Susan

I like the color yellow, which is probably why I was drawn to this flower. These seem to bloom endlessly and really make a garden much more vibrant. If you pinch off the dried flowers when they finish blooming and sprinkle them around the existing plant, then this will speed up the process of getting this flower to spread.

4 Zinnia Elegans

There are around 20 varieties of Zinnia, but these are my favorite. I love how full they look. Each one reminds me of a mum. The seed mixes tend to be for a variety of colors, which is an easy way to add extra color to any garden.


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3 Lily of the Valley

Even thought this is a tiny lily, the fragrance that comes of the miniature blossoms is amazing. These lilies don’t grow very tall, so they look great in front of taller plants. I have some planted in front of my irises, which adds some design to the over abundance of leaves on each iris.

2 Blue Flag Iris

This is one of the daintier irises around. They are purpler in color than blue and the leaves are narrower than regular irises. I first saw Blue Flag Irises along the lakeshore, but they do great in my flower garden as well.

1 Stargazer Lily

I adore lilies in general, but the coloration of this one is the most amazing of them all. The pink is so vibrant and happy. I like the added touch provided by the darker speckles all over the petals that are each framed in a fine line of white.

I think I got my love for plants from my parents. They have always shared their knowledge about gardening and allowed me to participate in the planting of gardens from the time I could walk. Do you have certain plants that you think are more beautiful than others? Is your garden filled with mostly flowering plants or do you prefer herb gardens instead?

Top Photo Credit: donsutherland1

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