5 Tips to Follow for the Perfect Garden ...

By Aprille

5 Tips to Follow for the Perfect Garden ...

In my opinion, a garden shouldn’t be judged by what is in it, but how it makes me feel. To me, the perfect garden makes me happy just thinking about being in it. Even my herb garden makes me smile. 5 tips to follow for the perfect garden are listed below. Using these might help you to make your garden a happy place for you too.

Table of contents:

  1. 1. Keep the Plants Healthy
  2. 2. Minimize Weed Growth
  3. 3. Attract Beneficial Wildlife
  4. 4. Get Rid of the Pests
  5. 5. Make It Comfortable

5 Keep the Plants Healthy

Healthy plants mean they will be able to provide you with plenty of blooms or veggies. I don’t know anyone who is disappointed when their flowers start to blossom or when tomato plants begin to have tons of fruit on them.

4 Minimize Weed Growth

When weed pulling is kept to a minimum, I am absolutely thrilled. Mulching with shredded paper or grass clippings can smother weeds and keep them from popping up at all. I’m sure you will be happier to spend time in your garden if you know you don’t have a weed pulling marathon ahead of you.

3 Attract Beneficial Wildlife

I like seeing little birds, bees, and butterflies in my garden. The birds take care of most of the bugs, while bees and butterflies help to pollinate the flowers. These critters help my plants and keep me entertained at the same time.

2 Get Rid of the Pests

Small pests that I seem to fight with often are aphids and various caterpillars. Larger pests include rabbits, crows, and deer. I spray for the bugs and scare off the larger animals with tin pie plates or plastic bags tied to the fence. When the bags and pie pans move in the breeze, the animals are spooked and leave on their own.

1 Make It Comfortable

My husband made a bench for me to set in the middle of the flower garden. This allows me to sit in comfort and enjoy my beautiful flowers any time I want. It also reminds me of my husband and his hard work to make the bench specifically for me.

These tips are ones I’ve used to make my garden perfect for me. Maybe you can adjust some of these to your liking and create a garden that is perfect to you. Is there something about your garden that makes it perfect for you already? Feel free to share any extra tips for making a garden an inviting place to be.

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