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5 Tips on Keeping Plants Warm ...

By Aprille

All my plants that can’t stand the cold weather get brought into the kitchen for the winter. I have to make sure that they stay warm. If the temperature in the kitchen falls below a comfortable level, I know right away because the leaves start falling off of most of my plants. Here are 5 tips on keeping plants warm during the winter. Some tips are for indoor plants and others are for outdoor plants.

5 Block out Drafts

Making sure to keep drafts away from sensitive plants will help immensely. Fill wide cracks around windows and doors with weather stripping or make sure to place plants well away from any drafty locations.

4 Turn on a Small Heater

Little heaters made for small rooms are fairly cheap at the store and can add just enough warmth to keep your plants at a temperature they prefer. Plants don’t mind the weather being a bit cooler during the winter, so there’s no need to purchase a huge heater for your plants. As long as they don’t freeze, most plants are fine.

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3 Radiate Heat to Plants via Water

This technique works well in the early spring time too, when there is still a chance of frost. Take a plastic milk jug and spray paint it black. Fill multiple jugs with water in the morning and set them all around the plants you are worried about. As night falls, the heated water will give off warmth to each plant nearby.

2 Use an Old Heating Pad to Keep Soil Warm

Usually people only heat the soil when germinating seeds in the spring. However, this method of keeping the soil warm is still beneficial to some plants during the winter. If you aren’t able to provide a room heater, then a heating pad is the next best thing.

1 Install Heat Lamps

These aren’t only useful for keeping young chicks warm. Plants can get just enough heat to survive through the colder months without loosing any leaves or having their roots frozen. Different wattages of bulbs are available in case you feel the 100 watt bulbs aren’t what your plants need.

I hope you are able to use some of these tips for keeping your plants warm over the winter. My kitchen sure does get crowded once the cold weather hits! Do you have any different techniques you use for keeping your plants warm?

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