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5 Beautiful Summer Flowers That Are Easy to Grow ...

By Kristina

If you want a blooming beautiful garden, it helps to know some summer flowers that are easy to grow. Spring is here, and summer will soon follow. It’s time to get your garden started so your flowers will be ready. Need some ideas of what to plant this season? Here are 5 beautiful summer flowers that are easy to grow. Plant now for stunning blooms this summer.

1 Marigolds

orange, yellow, flower, calendula, petal,Marigolds are an amazing flower whether or not you have a green thumb. They’re one of the summer flowers that are easy to grow, are pretty, and attract butterflies. You can plant the seeds in the garden once the risk of frost is over. Alternatively, you can start them inside and move them outdoors once frost is gone.

2 Zinnias

flower, yellow, plant, annual plant, calendula,Zinnias are another easy flower to grow. They come in amazingly lively colors, are drought-tolerant, and attract butterflies. You can plant your zinnias the same time you plant your marigolds.


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3 Lavender

flower, lavender, purple, lilac, plant,That’s right. Lavender isn’t just the scent of your favorite body wash. The calming aroma and beautiful blooms are a great addition to any garden. Plant them in soil with good drainage and where they’ll get full sunlight. Planters next to your front or back doors (or balcony, if you’re an apartment dweller) are perfect.

4 Sunflowers

flower, sunflower, yellow, flowering plant, flower bouquet,Sunflowers are a staple in my garden. They’re cheerful, easy to grow, and help the (sadly dwindling) bee population. You can even harvest the seeds to eat if you want to! Plant them after the frost is gone for good.

5 Daisies

flower, textile, pattern, design, material,Another cheerful flower, daisies make a great addition to any garden. Start seeds indoors now or purchase the already started plants and put them in a sunny spot in your garden. These are perennials, so they’ll come back next year.

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