How to Pick the Best Lawn Mower for Your Needs ...

By Deeceebee

Homeowners will find that owning a lawn mower becomes very important during the summer months when the grass grows and must be maintained. With so many types of mowers on the market, it can be hard to determine which one is best. Fortunately, using the following tips will show you how to pick the best lawn mower for your needs.

1 Types of Mowers

There are two basic types of lawn mowers and each has a variety of features that make ideal for certain purposes. The one you need is largely based on what kind of mowing needs you have and how large your yard is. The simplest type of mower is a rotary model, which is basically a blade that rotates and cuts the grass as it goes. They generally have more power than other types of mowers and are a great choice for large yards. The most standard type of rotary mower is one that has wheels and is pushed over the lawn. Some others work by hovering over the grass and cutting each blade as you move it from place to place.

A second type of mower is the cylinder model. This type has a fixed blade that stays in place. The grass is cut when a cylinder moves it against the blade and cuts the lawn as the grass is secured and moved toward the blade. If you need to mow your lawn often or prefer a very precise cut, this is the type of mower for you. Some cylinder lawn mowers are operated with an engine, but others are manual, which makes them quieter than most models you can find in stores.

2 Let Me “Grassk” You a Question. Gas or Electric?

Some mowers must be plugged into an electrical source to operate, while others are run on gasoline. For the most part, electric lawn mowers are less expensive to run than gas-powered models and are generally lighter in weight too. However, electric mowers will need an extension cord and a power source for you to use it. On the other hand, gas lawn mowers are often more powerful and can go further because they aren’t restricted by a cord.

3 Lawn Size is a Concept to “Grassp”

One of the main factors in determining what type of lawn mower is your best option is the size of your yard. If you have a very large yard, you might be best off choosing a riding mower, which allows you to cover a large area without all the work required by pushing the mower. Riding lawn mowers are generally gas powered since they need to be able to mow a lot of ground without being restricted by a cord.

The experts recommend that homeowners with small yards choose an electric or battery operated lawn mower because you can complete the entire yard with just a bit of money and a cord or charger to keep it running.

Medium size lawns are pretty versatile and most mower types are likely to meet your needs. You probably won’t need the space coverage that a riding mower provides, but you can benefit from both an electrical and a gas powered mower. The one you ultimately decide on will largely be guided by your personal preferences.

Large lawns, as said before, are much easier and quicker to mow when you have a riding mower. However, they are more costly than traditional mower types and if you want something a bit more budget-friendly, a gas-powered mower will help you cut your grass without worrying about being tied down to an electrical source or the length of an extension cord.

4 Think about Your Collection Box

A collection box is the part of the lawn mower that collects the grass clippings as you go. Some mowers don’t have one and the clippings are expelled directly back onto the lawn. Lawn care experts say this is a healthy way to increase the nitrogen content in your grass, which boosts the green color and helps it grow long and lush. These types of mowers are called side discharge mowers.

However, if you prefer not to have grass clippings all over your yard, you will want a mower that has a collection box of some type. The larger the collection box, the fewer times you’ll have to stop mowing to empty it. The smaller the collection box, the less awkward the mower and the easier it is to maneuver. The choice is up to you. You can then empty the grass clipping into your compost pile or spread them over your garden. Or, you can simply bag them up and dispose of them on the curb when the trash truck comes by.

Another option for collecting your grass clippings is the mulch mower. This model grinds the clippings down into mulch as you go, then leave the ground up grass back on your lawn to help fertilize it. These mowers work best on grass that is regularly mowed and won’t do such a good job if you let your grass get really long.

5 Check out the Specs

Now that you know what kinds of mowers you can choose from, think about the specific specs. That includes things like blade size, power, battery life, adjustable heights and handles, and the bag volume. Before you buy a lawn mower, consider what features would make it the one that would do the exact jobs you want it to do. Once you have that figured out, you should have no trouble finding the lawn mower that meets your exact needs and specifications.

Shopping for lawn mowers is something that should take some thought and some time. Compare your options and weigh the pros and cons of each so that you can make the choice that is right for your lawn. Read reviews from other users and read the literature on each one you are considering and it shouldn’t take you long at all to decide the perfect lawn mower for you.

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