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Step by Step Guide on How to Grow a Perfect Bottle Garden ...

By Heather

Want to learn how to grow a bottle garden? Growing a bottle garden is a unique method that you can use to grow plants or something that you can do with your kids. A bottle garden is exactly what is sounds like, a small garden in a bottle. Some people call it a terrarium. It is a great way to create your own small garden for little cost.

Benefits to making your own bottle garden are that it can be made from household materials, and they are relatively low maintenance. It brings a sense of greenery and peace to a room while you watch it grow. The best way to grow these bottle gardens is to use bottle jars, mason jars or any type of clear plastic container. Here's how to grow a bottle garden.

1 Organize Your Materials

Look around your house and locate a clean, clear plastic container or jar, some soil retrieved from your yard, and a small plant. You can purchase the small plant at any home store or find a low growing ground cover plant in your yard. Getting prepared is the best first step for how to grow a bottle garden.

2 Start Building

Add the soil to the bottom of the jar or container. Make sure to moisten the soil and add just a little bit of compost. You can make your own or add fertilizer from the store. But don’t add too much. You do not want to overdo it when trying to maintain growth. Look around your home, choose some decorative items that show up well and sparkles in a clear container. Remember, you are setting this bottle jar in the sunlight and marbles, colored stones, and other pieces within can make it shine!

3 Add Your Plant

Use a pencil or long object to poke a hole in the soil for you to add your plant. The soil should fill about 1/3 of the jar or container. Add your plant to the hole you just dug, making sure to cover the roots of the plant. Add any additional decorative items that you wish to add and then lastly, add just a tiny amount of water.

4 Seal Your New Bottle Garden

Tightly seal the bottle with a top. I recommend using clear mason jars for this reason. You need a tight seal as the plant will begin to flourish. Place the jar in the sunlight inside your home. If you want, get creative and hang it in a window that gets at least a half a day’s worth of sunlight.

Watch your bottle garden grow. Depending on the type of plant, it can grow into its own little garden within just a few months. Make sure to water it at least once a month and enjoy your new garden!

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