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5 Tips on Growing Daffodils ...

By Aprille

I love all flowers, but I think Daffodils are towards the top of my list of favorites. The bright yellow Daffodils always make me smile. These used to be the only ones I knew about, but have since learned that they come in white with orange pink centers! The 5 tips on growing Daffodils listed below will help you get these amazing bulbs started in your garden.

5 Choose Healthy Bulbs

The bulbs I purchase are often in a box, but the window on the side allows me to still view the bulbs inside. You want to make sure to purchase bulbs that are uniform in color. Any signs of blemishes, rot, wrinkling, or other oddity might mean that the bulb isn’t going to bloom.

4 Don’t Bury Them Too Deep

Daffodils are supposed to be planted around 6 inches below the surface. I have a small trowel with inches marked on it, which allows me to have an accurate depth for each bulb. You can use a ruler if you don’t have a marked trowel. Planting the bulbs too deep can cause the bulbs to not bloom and they end up rotting away in the soil.

3 Water Them as Soon as They Are Planted

If you are planting these in the fall to bloom in the spring, and then be sure to water them right when you plant them and wait a couple of days before watering again. When the sun isn’t out as much and the weather turns cooler, plants don’t need as much water. You can overwater bulbs and cause them to rot.

2 Plant Them Where They Have Room to Spread

One of the best things about Daffodils is that they multiply like crazy. I planted one bulb in the fall and ended up with 4 to 6 plants by the time the summer was over. They will easily take over an area and seem to grow just about anywhere.

1 Divide Them Every Few Years

Due to their rapid spreading, Daffodils should be divided out every 3 to 4 years. This will allow you to spread these beautiful flowers around your yard or pass some on to friends and family. Dividing the bulbs allows them to have room to spread more the next year.

Growing daffodils is easy and they are very hardy little bulbs. Daffodils also have an amazingly strong fragrance. They make excellent bouquets that last for many days. Do you find Daffodils to be an easy flower to take care of? What do you like best about perennials?

Top Photo Credit: brynmeillion - JAN

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