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5 Cool Flowers ...

By Aprille

Yeah, flowers are definitely cool. Our gardens would not be as pretty without the cool flowers. I like the type that are bright in color as they add a lot of color to my front yard. Below, I am going to give you a list of 5 cool flowers, then I want you to tell me which one from my list is your favorite and why you like it so much.

5 Tulip

The tulip is one of the most popular flowers in the world. They are Native to Turkey. The bulbs have been cultivated for a very long time. They reached popularity during the 1630’s in Holland. I must say that they are definitely beautiful and look good in any flower garden! They also look great in a vase.

4 Star Magnolia

I really like magnolia trees. They produce beautiful flowers. Usually, these flowers are white in color, but there are some that actually have pink blossoms. I must also include that the magnolia has a beautiful smell in it. This particular magnolia will grow up to twenty feet into the air. Imagine how beautiful that looks when it blooms.


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3 Wood Anemone

There are around 120 species of the anemone. Some of them grow on the floor of the forest. Those are called Wood Anemone, but you may also know them as Wild Anemone. In some locations, they are endangered species. You should not take them from the wild. These are also poisonous.

2 Honeysuckle

You cannot forget about the honeysuckle tree. They produce beautiful flowers. When I was a kid, I remember playing with the honeysuckle tree.

1 Roses

There are many different types of roses. Some of them grow in clusters, while others grow alone. Some are yellow, orange and purple, while others are pink and red.

There are many cool flowers, but those are 5 cool flowers from my list. What is your favorite flower? Why is that your favorite flower?

Top Photo Credit: Dean Forbes

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