5 Tips on Growing Orange Trees ...

By Aprille

5 Tips on Growing Orange Trees ...

I wish orange trees were able to be grown in all parts of the world. They were first discovered in North India and Southern China, but have made their way into many households as well. There are a few dwarf varieties that can be grown indoors, which makes for a gorgeous house plant. Here are 5 tips on growing orange trees to help you keep your beautiful tree looking great.

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5 Protect Trees from Frost

There’s no quicker way to damage a fruit tree than to have it attacked by a hard frost. Low-lying areas of a yard will be hit harder by frost than those at a higher elevation. Make sure you know which parts of your land are more prone to frost. Indoor trees should be brought back inside once the warmer weather is over.

4 Warm Temps Are a Must for outside Trees

Orange trees prefer to have temperatures that range between 50 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If you live in a climate that has cold spells that last for more than a couple of days, then covering your orange tree is recommended. Too many days of below freezing temperatures will kill your orange tree.

3 Plant in Full Sun

As with most plants, there are shade varieties and sun-loving plants. Orange trees come from a sun-loving family, so they should be placed in the sunshine as much as possible. Indoor trees can be carried outside to soak up sun during the warmer months and placed near a window where the sun comes in direct contact with the leaves.

2 Water Well

Oranges mostly consist of water, so it’s natural for the tree they come off of to need plenty of water as well. Even though these trees need to be watered often, don’t let the roots set in standing water for long periods of time. The soil should be well draining. Allow the soil to get wet, but not saturated.

1 Fertilize Ever Month to Month and a Half from February to August. Use a Granular Fertilizer That is High in Nitrogen. Water the Ground under the Tree so That the Granular Will Become Activated Quicker. Be Sure to Keep the Granules Away from the Trunk of the Tree. if Your Orange Tree is in a Container, then Apply Fertilizer Every Couple of Weeks

Even if you opt for the larger types of orange trees and are able to plant them outside, these growing tips work well for them as well. I would love to have my home surrounded by a large orange orchard. I can just imagine the fantastic citrus aroma! Do you already have an orange tree that you are trying to grow or are you simply interested in getting one started?

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