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Why do Gardeners Use Cow Manure? ...

By Aprille

It’s hard to believe that something as smelly as manure is actually beneficial to plants. This stuff is absolutely amazing. Plants love it! Why do gardeners use cow manure? Well, for quite a few reasons actually. It retains moisture in the soil, prevents nutrients from leaching out every time it rains, and it balances the soil’s pH.

Since cows eat plants, their manure is beneficial to plants. Cow manure adds nutrients to the soil and builds it up, which allows the dirt to supply plants with everything they need to grow healthy and strong. Gardeners use manure from dairy cows, as opposed to that from steers. The manure from steers is saltier and has higher weed content too. Manure from dairy cows provides the perfect amount of nitrogen, pot ash, and phosphoric acid. Each of these elements is extremely important for healthy plants.

It is easy to use, since most garden supply stores sell it in bags that are ready to be put right into the back of a truck. The manure sold in stores has been aged, so that it won’t burn the new plants that it is placed upon. Most of the weed seeds have been killed in this mix as well, so you don’t have to worry about strange field plants popping up in your garden.

If you are getting manure from a nearby farm, it’s best to get it in the early spring and allow it to set for at least a month. Turn the manure into the top layer of soil, about 6 inches down, and then leave the area until you are ready to plant.

I’ve always used cow manure on my vegetable garden and have seen fantastic results. Do you use cow manure in your garden? Have you always used manure for your plants or did you rely on alternative methods in the past. Share any gardening experience you’ve had with cow manure. It’s always exciting to hear what other gardeners are doing.

Top Photo Credit: Socially Responsible Agricultural Project

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