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5 Prettiest Plants to Have in Your Garden ...

By Aprille

I love to plant plants. It is very therapeutic. No two plants are alike. They are all different, yet, they all grow under the same conditions. Plants are unique and sometimes, I wonder if they can here you – you know, since they grow good when they have certain music playing. Right now, I am going to give you 5 prettiest plants to have in your garden…

5 Impala Lily

This is a beautiful flower and in some countries, it is on the threatened list. It mostly grows in July and is definitely something you would want to have in your garden!

4 Lady Fern

This fern grows naturally. It can easily be divided when it gets older. It thrives mostly in deep shade. I always thought they looked great in a garden.

3 Siberian Bugloss

I think these are pretty plants to add to a garden It’s a great foliage plant. The beautiful green leaves with the veins are stunning. This plant does not require direct sunlight, it prefers to grow in the shade.

2 Clustered Bellflower

Now, this is a great plant. I think it’s beautiful. This is a tall bellflower with a large, round purple flower at the top of it. When it is blooming, it is beautiful, however, the foliage starts to turn brown during the summer.

1 Red Daylily

How can I forget about the red daylily? They grew wild when I was growing up. I found them all over the place, but I must say, they look beautiful in a garden by the front or back door. They like being in a semi-shaded area.

There you have 5 prettiest flowers to have in your garden. All of these flowers are something I would love to have in my garden. What do you think? Do you know of any other flowers you would like?

Top Photo Credit: Jacques S G

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