5 Ways to Grow the Best Tomatoes ...

By Aprille

5 Ways to Grow the Best Tomatoes ...

I think tomatoes are my favorite big crop to grow. They are easy to maintain and the number of varieties is astounding! I like to grow both cherry tomatoes and romas. Both of these are small enough to eat without having to get the kitchen knife and cut them smaller, so they don’t usually make it in the house. If you are interested in growing tomatoes, then read the 5 ways to grow the best tomatoes I’ve listed below.

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5 Protect from Pests and Disease

Aphids are the most common garden bug and these little critters can be gotten rid of with some soapy water or Sevin. Powdered Sevin can be purchased in the garden department of most big stores. It will protect against a variety of pests. Blight affects leaves and can be gotten rid of with sulphur sprays. Spots of rot usually occur on the fruit when it comes into contact with wet soil, so just make sure no fruit is touching the ground.

4 Sun or Partial Shade

Tomato plants enjoy the sun and prefer it to help their fruit ripen, but they will also do well in partially shaded environments.

3 Plant Them Deep Enough

When you buy tomato plants at the store, they are often in a small pot and need to be replanted in deeper soil. Be sure to place then in a hole that allows most of the stem to be placed under ground. You will actually place the entire portion of the stem that is bare of leaves in the ground.

2 Pre-fertilize

It’s best to fertilize the ground where you want to plant your tomatoes for at least a couple of weeks before you actually plant them. This will give the ground plenty of time to even out the nutrients for the incoming plants.

1 Start off with Healthy Plants

Don’t feel sorry for the sick looking tomato plants and try to take them home and revive them. It’s best so start off with strong, dark green plants that are free from wilted leaves, bugs, and white fungus.

I hope these 5 ways help you to get your tomatoes growing successfully. Tomatoes are easy to grow and can be grown in just about any container. Do you have a variety of tomatoes in your garden? What do you do to get them off to a good start?

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