5 Exotic Plants to Freshen up Your Dcor ...

By Randi

5 Exotic Plants to Freshen up Your Dcor ...

If you’re searching for a way to liven up your home, the addition of houseplants will do the trick every time. Great for brightening up the atmosphere of a room or bringing a piece of the outdoors directly to you, this time-honored method has an unblemished reputation for helping designers across the world achieve these, and many other goals of a similar nature. Mind you, unless you prefer artificial foliage a little attention and care is involved. Still, this doesn’t seem like much to ask for the resulting reward. Some of the most commonly incorporated of these horticultural miracles are those belonging to the exotic family. When one stops to examine these unique plants it’s easy to see why. Not quite sure where to start looking? Here are a few fascinating examples of this trend to get you going.

1 Dragon Fruit Cactus

Best known for the spiky, hot pink fruit it produces the pitahaya- better known as the Dragon Fruit is the most popular member of the Cactaceae family. It is identified as much by its unusual aesthetic qualities as for the edible treat it produces. This plant is relatively simple to grow as long as you keep it at a temperature between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This plant will stand out no matter where you place it.

2 Pitcher Plant

Pitcher Plants, rightly named for the oblong shape of their flowers, are found in various locations around the world. Second only to the Venus Fly Trap in popularity, this carnivorous species comes in many varieties. You will find, however, most of these plants are available in shades of reds, pinks, and greens. An intriguing addition to any household, these plants will serve to alternately keep your bugs down and provide a fascinating topic for conversation.

3 Dwarf Lemon Tree

Though Lemon Trees are far more common across the United States then once was the case, there are still very limited locations where these plants are a common sight. Mostly due to their sensitivity to cold weather, these lovely trees are often seen in places like Florida and California where summer seems to extend far beyond the usual timeframe. Having said this, these plants can still make a beautiful addition to any home. As long as they are kept in a warm climate and brought inside during the colder months their delicate nature, together with their fresh scent, and enticing fruit makes these an excellent touch to your home.

4 Guzmania

This tropical wonder, native mainly to Florida, Southern Mexico, and the tropical Americas are frequently cultivated as indoor foliage. Named for Spanish pharmacist and naturalist Anastasio Guzman, this colorful relative of the Pineapple are said to die as soon as they produce their flower in summer. To simplify matters, however, new plants can be easily propagated from the offset produces upon the parent plants death. It’s most common genus the Scarlet Star grows in an upright serrated form and produces bright orange and red bracts. Better known as the Tufted Airplant, these cacti-like plants are often implemented in conjunction with western motifs.

5 Orchid

One of the two largest groups of flowering plants, the Orchid Family nearly equals the number of known bony fish species and more than doubles the acknowledged breeds of birds. Recognized by their long, thin stems and fragile flowers, these delightful perennials actually fall into the herb family. As a result, they do not retain any permanent woody structure, aside from what you might see on store shelves or in magazines. Perceived in many cultures to be a symbol of love, luxury, beauty and strength, Orchids are surrounded by a deep and captivating history that spans decades. Especially sanctioned in ancient Greece as a bringer of virility, women of the time believed that if the father of their unborn child were to eat large tubers of the plant they would most certainly give birth to a boy. Often available annually for a limited time at most grocery stores, these angelic flowers can be found in a limitless array of hues. Orchids make a charming gift or provide a graceful touch to your own dining room table.

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