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5 Tips on Planting Flowers ...

By Aprille

I may not have a green thumb like my father, but I don’t have a problem getting flowers to grow in my garden. Of course, there are a few certain rules I follow, in order to make sure my flowers have a chance to grow. 5 tips on planting flowers are listed below. I hope you find them to be useful for your garden.

5 Start Ahead of Time Indoors

For gardeners who want to get a head start on spring, starting seeds indoors is an option. Collecting empty yogurt containers and egg cartons for seedlings saves money on purchasing tiny pots to start plants in.

4 Make Sure Seeds Are Zone Appropriate

The beauty of the internet allows gardeners to buy seeds from around the world. Be sure to find out what climate zone your seeds are for before you purchase them. A perennial in one zone isn’t necessarily a perennial in all zones.

3 Know if You’re Planting Annuals or Perennials

Annuals only bloom one year and perennials come back every year on their own. If you found a flower you truly enjoy and want it to come back every year, then make sure you know if you need to buy another one next year or if it will come back on its own.

2 Don’t Rush Them

I know I start dragging out my collection of seed packets the first warm, sunny day. However, if I try to plant seeds on this day, my seedlings will most likely get nabbed by the final frost. Wait until the ground is good and ready before you begin planting.

1 Follow Planting Instructions

I think the best tip of all is to actually follow the directions on the seed packet. These instructions are provided so you will know the proper method for each type of plant. Some plants like shade and others enjoy lots of sunshine.

Following these planting tips should help you to create a successful flower garden. Do you already have a flower garden in place? Which types do you seem to prefer; annuals or perennials?

Top Photo Credit: Bryan Zmijewski

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